Shed Demolition

freshen up your yard

7 Ways to Freshen Up Your Backyard

Make sure your yard is looking beautiful and is in peak operating condition for the warmer months by checking these 7 things off your spring to-do list.

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old backyard shed

What to Do with Your Old Backyard Storage Shed: Remove, Renovate, or Rebuild?

Learn about the different methods used for shed demolition and removal to decide which method will work best for your shed removal project.

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shed demolition cost guide

Shed Demolition Cost Guide: How Much It Costs to Tear Down a Shed

Prepare a budget for your shed demolition or removal project with our guide, including real-life examples of what others have paid across the U.S.

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outdoor dining space

Demo's Done...Now What?: The Benefits of an Outdoor Living Space & Ideas to Fill It

If you have an empty yard to fill, make the most of your outdoor space with the help of our useful cost tips and design ideas.

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demolition increases property value

Will Demolition Increase Your Property Value?

Demolition can increase a property’s value. Learn the various questions you should be asking when making the decision whether or not demolition is the best option for your structure.

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removing old deck boards

Light Demolition Cost Guide: How Much It Costs to Remove a Shed, Deck, or Fence from Your Property

Hiring a professional to handle your light demolition is a convenient way to reinvent your property. See real-life examples others have paid for shed demolition, deck removal, and fence removal.

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building demolition cost guide

Building Demolition Cost Guide - How Much It Costs to Tear Down Various Structures

When it comes time to tear down a building, the first question most people ask is, 'How much is this going to cost?' Find out how to get the best price for your building demolition.

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When to DIY vs. When to Hire a PRO

Small Demolition Projects: DIY or Hire a PRO?

When it comes to smaller demolition jobs, consider the pros and cons of doing the work yourself vs. hiring an expert. Consider costs, your ability to do the work, and more.

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how to demolish an old shed

Demo 1-2-3: How to Remove Your Shed

When it comes time to remove your old shed, it's important to make sure you're prepared. Learn all about the different ways to remove a shed, who to hire to get the job done, and how much shed removal costs.

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Shed demolition

Get Rid of Your Old Shed to Make Way for the New

Whether your shed is made of wood, metal, or plastic, our guide can help you develop a plan to remove it from your property. Learn about costs, how to find the best contractor, and more.

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