Demolition Tips & Advice

excavator tearing down commercial structure

How to Be Sure You Hire the Right Commercial Demolition Contractor

Learn what to expect and how to cover all your bases to ensure you choose the right contractor for your commercial demolition with our guide.

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happy couple in front of home

Home Improvements with the Best Return on Investment

Want to improve your home in a way that will give you substantial returns? Learn the home projects that give you the best return on investment (ROI) so you can determine which project is worth it.

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house with curb appeal

Simple Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home

Learn all about the most popular curb appeal ideas that can boost your home's value without overspending or losing all your free time.

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newly upgraded kitchen cabinets

Should You Refinish, Reface, or Replace Your Cabinets?

Find out whether you should remove and replace your old kitchen or bathroom cabinets or go to the effort to refinish or reface them. Learn what is involved with each option, how much each method costs, pros and cons, and more.

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mother and kids in bathroom

Avoid Draining Your Savings With These Bathroom Remodel Tips

With an average return on investment of 60-70%, a bathroom remodel is one of the most lucrative projects you can tackle in your home. The cost of bathroom renovation can vary significantly. Find out how to save.

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homeowner and demolition contractor shaking hands

Small but Mighty Home Remodels That Are Cheap to Do

Find out the most popular home remodels—broken down by room—that may not seem like "major renovations" but have major payoff.

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couple appreciating their home's exterior

How to Fall in Love with Your Home Again

Learn our tips for making your home your happy place, either again or for the first time since buying it, without having to make expensive or major whole-home changes.

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woman using laptop to read reviews

What to Look for in Demolition Reviews Before Hiring

Learn what to look for when reading demolition reviews to help you determine who the best company for your project is.

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woman looking at computer comparing quotes

How to Compare Quotes and Hire the Best Demolition Company

Ready to compare the demolition quotes you've received? Learn what to contrast and compare, contractor red flags to look out for, and more.

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couple sitting in living room looking at computer

You Just Requested a Demolition Quote...What to Expect Next

Now that you've requested a quote—ideally multiple quotes—from a demolition service provider with Hometown, find out what to expect next.

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wood carport with metal roof

How Carport Demolition Works and How Much It Costs

Carports are the wall-less garages used to shelter cars and trucks. Over time, they can degrade and become unsightly or unsafe. Find out when it's time to remove your carport, how the process works, how much it costs, and who to hire.

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family room with modern interior design

Home Trends Report for 2023

You may be stuck in the home you're in for the immediate future, but that doesn't mean you can't love it and improve it to suit your tastes. Find out which trends are having a moment in 2023 and how to achieve it in your own home.

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backyard playground covered with snow

How to Remove a Playground from Your Property

Do you have an old, unwanted swing set on your property? Learn how the playground equipment removal process works, how much it costs to remove a playset, and how to find the best person for the job.

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interior view of empty greenhouse

How to Get Rid of a Greenhouse

Do you have an old, unwanted greenhouse on your property? Learn how the greenhouse removal process works, how much it costs to remove a greenhouse, and how to find the best person for the job.

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