Hiring a Contractor

contractors talking

A Homeowner’s Guide to Hiring the Right Contractor

Learn the steps to finding the best contractor, the signs of a bad contractor to look out for, and how to utilize resources to save you valuable time.

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inspector making notes on permit

Who’s Responsible If My Contractor Doesn’t Pull a Permit?

Learn why permits are important for demolition and renovation projects, when they're necessary, and what to do if your contractor never pulled one.

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demolition in progress

Demolition Project Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide to Ensure a Successful Outcome

Learn the step-by-step process of demolition so you can navigate the intricacies of demolition project planning. Whether you're demolishing an entire building or a single wall, be prepared with our guide.

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row of mobile homes in neighborhood

How Do I Choose a Mobile Home Demolition Contractor?

Don't hire just anyone to handle your mobile home removal. Learn the key factors to consider when selecting a mobile home demolition contractor.

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calculating demolition cost

Tips for Saving Money on Demolition Projects Without Cutting Corners

Explore the various strategies and tips to saving money on demolition projects while still achieving successful outcomes and not cutting corners.

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shaking hands with contractor

Finding the Right Concrete Driveway Removal Contractor: Key Considerations

Choosing the right contractor can make all the difference in the success of your project. Learn the key considerations to guide you in your search for the ideal concrete driveway removal contractor and how Hometown can help.

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concrete patio removal by a professional

DIY vs. Hiring Professionals: Choosing the Best Approach for Concrete Patio Removal

Learn the advantages and challenges of DIY vs hiring a pro for a concrete patio removal project so you can make an informed choice that suits your budget, timeline, and skill level.

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licensed contractor shaking hands

Licensed vs Unlicensed: Why It's Important to Hire a Licensed Contractor

Demolition contractors, and contractors in general, are required to have a license in most states. Learn the benefits of hiring a licensed contractor and the risks of hiring an unlicensed contractor in our simple guide.

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licensed and insured contractor shaking hands with customer

What Insurance Should My Contractor Have?

Find out the insurance a contractor should have, why you should get proof of insurance, and why you should never hire an uninsured contractor.

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Man removing tiles from kitchen floor

How to Find Kitchen Demolition Services Near You

Looking to remodel your kitchen? Getting the demolition work done right is key. Find the right local kitchen demolition contractor for your project via Hometown.

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modern full bathroom

How to Find Bathroom Demolition Services Near You

Looking to remodel your bathroom? Getting the demolition work done right is key. Find the right local bathroom demolition contractor for your project via Hometown.

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excavator tearing down commercial structure

How to Be Sure You Hire the Right Commercial Demolition Contractor

Learn what to expect and how to cover all your bases to ensure you choose the right contractor for your commercial demolition with our guide.

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woman using laptop to read reviews

What to Look for in Demolition Reviews Before Hiring

Learn what to look for when reading demolition reviews to help you determine who the best company for your project is.

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woman looking at computer comparing quotes

How to Compare Quotes and Hire the Best Demolition Company

Ready to compare the demolition quotes you've received? Learn what to contrast and compare, contractor red flags to look out for, and more.

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couple sitting in living room looking at computer

You Just Requested a Demolition Quote...What to Expect Next

Now that you've requested a quote—ideally multiple quotes—from a demolition service provider with Hometown, find out what to expect next.

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