Residential Interior Demolition

basement interior demolition

Interior Demolition in a Basement: What to Expect

Explore the main types of demolition that prepare a basement for a remodel, average costs of each project, and other tips for getting the job done smoothly.

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demolition during remodel

What Is Involved in the Demolition Phase of a Remodel?

Understand the multiple stages of a demolition and home remodeling project so you'll know what to expect and keep your project running smoothly.

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Man removing tiles from kitchen floor

How to Find Kitchen Demolition Services Near You

Looking to remodel your kitchen? Getting the demolition work done right is key. Find the right local kitchen demolition contractor for your project via Hometown.

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modern full bathroom

How to Find Bathroom Demolition Services Near You

Looking to remodel your bathroom? Getting the demolition work done right is key. Find the right local bathroom demolition contractor for your project via Hometown.

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newly upgraded kitchen cabinets

Should You Refinish, Reface, or Replace Your Cabinets?

Find out whether you should remove and replace your old kitchen or bathroom cabinets or go to the effort to refinish or reface them. Learn what is involved with each option, how much each method costs, pros and cons, and more.

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marking calendar during cold season

The Best Times of Year to Start a Home Remodel Project

Starting a remodel project of any size often comes down to two factors: 1. Can I afford to do this project? 2. When is the best time to do the work? Most contractors agree that the colder months are less busy. Find out why.

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universally accessible bathroom

3 Remodeling Projects That Improve Your Home’s Accessibility and Boost Its Value

A more universally accessible home is not only functional but also reduces accidents. Learn three projects that can improve your home's accessibility and potentially your home's value too.

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open floor plan living area

What's Involved in Changing a Home's Floor Plan?

In today's housing market, it can be almost impossible to find your ideal home for a reasonable price. Redesigning your home's floor plan is a great solution to creating a home you love for less. Learn the various aspects involved, how much it costs, and who to hire.

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interior demolition cost guide

Interior Demolition Cost Guide: Understanding Residential and Commercial Interior Demolition Pricing

If you are looking to have interior demolition work done, you're likely wondering how much it will cost. Read our guide for average costs and how to get the best price.

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profitable home remodels

5 of the Most Profitable Home Remodel Projects

Learn about the top five most profitable home remodeling projects that will increase your home's valule and attract potential homebuyers.

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home remodeling plan

Create a Home Remodeling Plan in 10 Simple Steps

Ensure your home remodel goes smoothly by understanding how it's done, how long it takes, and how to budget your project properly with our guide.

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how to handle hazardous waste removal

How to Safely Remove Hazardous Wastes Before a Remodel or Demolition Project

If your home was built before the 1980s, there's a good chance it contains some type of hazardous material. Learn proper disposal methods if you're planning a demolition or remodeling project.

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plan your home remodel

What to Do First When Remodeling Your Home

Determining your desired color palette, design style, and budget when beginning your renovation is a lot to take on! Start off on the right foot with a well-thought-out plan in hand.

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