Home Remodeling

kitchen remodel in progress

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

Learn the intricacies of a kitchen remodel timeline, as well as the various stages and factors that influence the duration of this project, and discover ways to save time.

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contractor drywalling basement

How Much Does It Cost to Finish a Basement?

The average cost to finish a basement is $15,000-$90,000. The size of your basement, the project complexity, and the materials and finishes you choose will impact your basement remodel pricing.

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demolition during remodel

What Is Involved in the Demolition Phase of a Remodel?

Understand the multiple stages of a demolition and home remodeling project so you'll know what to expect and keep your project running smoothly.

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freshly remodeled half bath

9 Budget-Friendly Half Bath Remodel Ideas

With strategic planning and careful budgeting, you can achieve a stylish and functional half bath without breaking the bank. Learn 9 of our best tips and tricks to save.

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remodeled basement with movie theater

The Most Expensive Part of Remodeling a Basement and What Adds the Most Value

Get to know the most expensive aspects of basement remodeling and learn the elements that add the most value to help you make an informed decision and optimize your investment.

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attic remodel

Budget-Friendly Attic Remodeling: Ideas for a Limited Budget

Explore all facets of attic remodeling, including average costs, the remodeling process, design considerations, cost-saving strategies, and tips for finding the right contractor to bring your vision to life.

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woman sitting

10 Projects Perfect for Tackling During the Winter

Discover our 10 most recommended indoor home improvement projects that can be completed this winter and promise a fresh start and a new, improved atmosphere in your home.

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modern outdoor living space

Can't Move? Improve Your Home Instead

If you can't or simply don't want to move, you have options. Learn the most effective ways to improve your home, oftentimes increasing its square footage, improving its functionality, and boosting its value should you decide to sell in the future.

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happy couple in front of home

Home Improvements with the Best Return on Investment

Want to improve your home in a way that will give you substantial returns? Learn the home projects that give you the best return on investment (ROI) so you can determine which project is worth it.

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house with curb appeal

Simple Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home

Learn all about the most popular curb appeal ideas that can boost your home's value without overspending or losing all your free time.

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newly upgraded kitchen cabinets

Should You Refinish, Reface, or Replace Your Cabinets?

Find out whether you should remove and replace your old kitchen or bathroom cabinets or go to the effort to refinish or reface them. Learn what is involved with each option, how much each method costs, pros and cons, and more.

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mother and kids in bathroom

Avoid Draining Your Savings With These Bathroom Remodel Tips

With an average return on investment of 60-70%, a bathroom remodel is one of the most lucrative projects you can tackle in your home. The cost of bathroom renovation can vary significantly. Find out how to save.

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homeowner and demolition contractor shaking hands

Small but Mighty Home Remodels That Are Cheap to Do

Find out the most popular home remodels—broken down by room—that may not seem like "major renovations" but have major payoff.

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couple appreciating their home's exterior

How to Fall in Love with Your Home Again

Learn our tips for making your home your happy place, either again or for the first time since buying it, without having to make expensive or major whole-home changes.

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