Fence Removal

updated backyard lit up

Reclaiming Your Yard: The Power of Demolition in Outdoor Design

Discover how demolition holds the key to reclaiming your yard and unlocking the full potential of your outdoor space.

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closeup of chain link fence

How to Remove a Chain Link Fence

Instantly improve your property's curb appeal and overall value by removing or replacing your chain link fence. Learn the process of chain link fence removal, who to hire, and more.

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house with curb appeal

Simple Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home

Learn all about the most popular curb appeal ideas that can boost your home's value without overspending or losing all your free time.

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broken wood fence fallen over in yard

Replace Your Old Fence to Boost Your Property Value

If you have a fence that is looking old and worn, it's time to consider having the fence removed and/or replaced. Find out how having the old fence torn down and replaced with a newer, more suitable option can have a big impact on your property value.

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old wood privacy fence

DIY Fence Removal vs Hiring a Pro to Remove Your Fence

If you like to handle projects around the house yourself, you're likely considering whether or not you can remove your fence (and potentially replace it) yourself. Find out whether DIY fence removal is a good idea or if you should hire a professional.

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well landscaped exterior of typical American ranch home

Update Your Home’s Exterior This Spring (and Raise Its Value)

Find out how to improve the outside of your home, improve curb appeal, and increase the overall value of your property.

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wood vs vinyl fencing

Wood vs Vinyl Fencing: Which Is the Right Fence for You?

Compare wood and vinyl fencing closely to determine which material is best for you. Learn about wood and vinyl fencing costs, typical maintenance needs, average lifespans, and more.

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white picket fence with flower bush in front of house

Do Fences Increase a Home's Property Value?

A fence can serve a number of purposes for your home and surrounding property. Learn about how fences can enhance your landscape and increase the value of your home.

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junk removal for remodel or demolition cleanup

How Junk Removal Services Can Streamline Your Demolition or Remodel Project

If you're tackling a home improvement or remodeling project of any type, learn how junk removal companies can be a great asset in getting the job done as efficiently as possible.

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well maintained lawn

7 Ways to Freshen Up Your Backyard

Make sure your yard is looking beautiful and is in peak operating condition for the warmer months by checking these 7 things off your spring to-do list.

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wood fence with bulging planks

Fence Removal Cost Guide: How Much It Costs to Tear Down a Fence

Learn the average cost of fence removal projects and how to ensure you get the best price for your fence removal.

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paint peeling on wooden fence

Can You Recognize the 5 Signs of a Bad Fence?

A new fence can boost your home’s curb appeal, increase the value of your home, and increase your neighbor’s property value, too. Learn the signs of a damaged fence, how two repair it, and when to replace it.

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old fence post

How to (Easily) Remove a Fence Post with Concrete Footing

Removing an old fence post in concrete footing can be a pain in the neck. Learn everything you need to know about efficiently removing old fence posts.

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guide to fence removal

Demo 1-2-3: How to Remove a Fence

Learn all about the various ways to tear down a fence and how to determine whether it's best to make it a DIY job or hire a professional for the job.

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