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About Hometown

At Hometown Demolition, we specialize in helping everyday people find qualified demolition services in their area.

We help make finding a qualified demolition company near you convenient, easy, and affordable.

Getting our start back in 2009, we believed we could make it easier for homeowners, business owners, landlords, project managers, contractors, and other customers to find demolition services near them, whether it be interior demolition or structural demolition, residential demolition or commercial demolition.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our reach spans across the entire country. Since we first opened our doors, we have grown by leaps and bounds due to our ongoing commitment to both the customer and the quality companies we advertise. Today, Hometown Demolition is the #1 source for finding reputable demolition companies online.

We love helping people get rid of the old to make way for the new

At Hometown, we prioritize great customer service from start to finish. We believe hiring a demolition company should be an easy, stress-free process for customers from start-to-finish, including finding local companies, reading customer reviews, requesting and comparing quotes, and everything in between. We believe that requesting quotes from local service providers should be virtually instant, which is why we made it easy to request quotes from up to three different local companies with the click of a button.

Need demolition services? Just enter your zip code and fill out our demolition quote request form, then click "submit" to send it to three qualified local demolition companies that perform the demolition service you need. Once you submit your quote, we do all the work to get you the number of quotes you requested. Learn more about what to expect after your demolition quote request.

We prescreen every company that works with us to be sure they're licensed, insured, and have a positive reputation. Demolition service providers that don’t live up to our high standards don’t make it onto the Hometown website.

Along with initial screening, we collect and publish real reviews from customers like you, so you can get an idea of what to expect right from the start. We only publish reviews we can verify came from an actual customer, so you can trust that 100% of the reviews on Hometown come from real customers and real experiences.

On top of that, our “Instant Quote” feature makes demolition quotes more transparent and accessible than ever before. This is unique in the industry—no other website does it quite like we do!

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We help local companies get found by potential customers

We don't just help customers, we also work with demolition companies on our site to help them get found by customers looking for services in their area.

We believe local businesses provide the best service for customers, which is why we love working with local demolition companies across the nation to help increase their visibility on the web and boost their chances of being found by a customer looking for quality local services like theirs.

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Are you a customer with a question about how Hometown works? Reach out to our support team with your questions at support@hometownlocal.com.

If you're looking to get answers about your specific demolition project, we recommend reaching out directly to local demolition pros in your area. Reaching out to local companies directly about your project is the best way to get answers to common questions, like how much your project will cost, when you can schedule your demolition services, what's included in your service cost, and any other project-specific questions.

Service Providers

Are you a demolition contractor looking for leads? If you’re a demolition company and would like to learn more about working with Hometown, call the phone number or email the address below.

Email: sales@hometownlocal.com

Phone: 877-994-6645, Ext. 1

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