You Just Requested a Demolition Quote...What to Expect Next

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Updated March 13, 2023

So, you just requested a quote—ideally multiple quotes—from a demolition service provider with Hometown.

At Hometown, our quote request form makes the process of getting free estimates from local demolition contractors easy.

Now that your request is submitted, you should receive a text confirming that your quote request was received and letting you know that a contractor will contact you if they decide to accept your request and agree to provide a quote.

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After you receive this confirmation text message, you can expect to be contacted by contractors as soon as a matter of minutes or within one business day.

We send your quote request to the contractor you requested (and/or other local contractors performing your requested work in your area) by text message and email.

The contractor(s) you requested a quote from will then follow up with you directly to arrange an appointment to come to your home or business to assess the project in person and provide a quote.

At Hometown, we don't think customers should have to spend their valuable time looking for local demolition contractors, requesting quotes, and chasing down pros. Instead, we do the legwork for you.

If a contractor you reach out to doesn't wish to quote the job or they don't quickly confirm their desire to quote the job, we automatically send your quote request to another local contractor on your behalf.

We repeat this process until you receive the number of quotes you requested, whether it's one, two, or three quotes.

In most cases, we're able to get your requested number of quote requests from local companies willing to quote the job in a matter of hours.

Note: Many local businesses are owner-operated, which means they may be working on another project when they receive your quote request, and may be unable to immediately respond to your quote request.

However, they typically respond within a matter of hours and almost always provide the best customer service and the best deals for the work.

We always recommend getting three quotes regardless of the project in order to increase your chances of hiring the best person for the job, paying the best price, and getting the work completed when it's most convenient for you.

When you receive a quote from a contractor, you are in no way obligated to hire them.

Take as much time as you need to compare each quote accurately, as not all contractors prepare their quotes the same way.

Because of this, it’s important to be sure you know what information to look for so you can make an informed hiring decision.

For starters, qualified contractors are always transparent about what they charge for labor (whether it’s hourly, daily, or by project), materials, and permits. So the contractor's estimate, at the bare minimum, should outline the charges for labor, the charges for materials, and the charges for permits, all listed as by-line items—not one single number—breaking down how they reached the estimated cost.

It's also important to understand each contractor's payment terms, including their accepted forms of payment and the payment schedule. Do they request any money upfront? (If so, it should not be more than 30-50% of the total estimate, and you should always pay as you go vs. paying for everything upfront.)

However, comparing demolition quotes should involve the comparison of more than just price.

Other factors to consider when hiring a contractor, other than price, include:

  • Customer service: Does the contractor exhibit good communication skills and a willingness to answer your questions?
  • Experience: Does the contractor have experience performing the work and the current ability and licensing to do the work?
  • Flexibility: Does the contractor work with you to achieve your goals for the project? 
  • Professionalism: Is the contractor respectful and punctual?

Getting multiple estimates from contractors before hiring helps to manage any risks associated with hiring any type of contractor, and it can end up saving you a lot of money and stress.

If you're unsure about any aspect of an estimate, ask your contractor to clarify it before signing anything.

If that contractor is unwilling to provide a by-line estimate or answer your project questions, we consider this a red flag and recommend finding another, more qualified contractor.

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Once you have full understanding of the demolition quotes you received, you can determine who to hire, sign the contract, and schedule your project start date.

Then, your project will proceed as discussed with your contractor. Once completed, you'll do a walkthrough of the final result and pay the final invoice.