Leads for Demolition: How it Works [VIDEO]

When it comes to lead generation, Hometown puts you in the driver's seat.

Our low-risk, high-reward lead generation service is one of the fastest and easiest ways to receive leads perfectly tailored to you and your business. We give you the control to decide how customers get in touch with you and which quote requests you pay for.

Customers have multiple ways to contact you.

When a customer searches for demolition services on Hometown, and they find a service provider they’re interested in getting a quote from, they’ll have two choices…

1. Call you directly by phone

At no extra cost, you can sign up for phone leads. We'll set you up with a tracking phone number, and customers can begin contacting you directly.

Each call can be recorded for your future reference, and you can review all leads using our Lead Tracking Center.

Our team validates each phone lead on the backend by listening to the call and determining that it's a valid, billable lead. If it's not an inquiry about your services—say, a wrong phone number—you won't be billed for that.

2. Click your 'Get a Quote' button

From there, the customer then fills out some project information, like what kind of demolition they need and the size of their project. Then they fill out some more general information, like their name, email, phone number, and the project's location.

When customers send this information, you decide whether you’d like to have it emailed to you, texted, or both; and you can tailor how you receive quotes any time you'd like by clicking the ‘Edit Preferences’ link within any quote request.

With Hometown, customers can reach you via phone, email, and text. It doesn't get more convenient than that!

You're in control of the leads you accept.

When you initially receive an online quote request, you’ll be able to see a brief explanation of the project, including information regarding your current Hometown client status and lead pricing.

If you're interested in the lead and you decide to accept it, you can then view the complete job description, including all the information you'd need to follow up with that customer.

If you decide to pass on the lead and click 'Decline,' you won't be billed. All we'd like to know is why you declined so that we can provide you with better leads moving forward.

You're invoiced at the end of each month.

We don't bill you immediately after accepting a quote request. Instead, we invoice you on the 1st of each month. The invoice includes all leads accepted during the previous month and details which leads you were billed for.

Then, on the 10th of each month, your card will be charged the amount due.

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