Light Demolition Cost Guide: How Much It Costs to Remove a Shed, Deck, or Fence from Your Property

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Updated January 23, 2023

Hiring a professional to handle your light demolition is easily the safest and most time-efficient way to reinvent your property. 

There are several factors that will affect the price you can expect to pay for a shed demolition, deck removal, or fence removal.

This guide will go over the average costs for the most popular types of light demolition:

Light demolition costs vary based on a number of factors, including the type and size of the shed, deck, or fence, the materials being removed, the location and accessibility of the shed, deck, or fence, and who you hire.

Your exact project cost will depend on these factors, and the best way to get an accurate estimate for your project is to reach out to multiple contractors in your area for a quote.

This not only ensures you get the best price but also allows you to choose the best contractor for the job, not just the cheapest.

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Cost of Shed Demolition

shed demolition cost

Tearing down a shed and removing all debris costs $600-$2,000 on average, including debris removal.

Several factors influence the total cost of shed demolition, like whether the demo is done with machinery or by hand, whether or not the shed has a concrete foundation that needs to be removed, the location and accessibility of the shed, the condition of the shed, and whether or not there is electricity.

For example, a shed with cemented anchors will be more difficult, and therefore more costly, to remove than one that freely stands on the ground.

Likewise, a shed with electricity will require more care and attention to remove than one without, which also leads to a higher demolition cost.

Shed Demolition Cost Examples

State City Project Description Project Cost
California Chino Demolition of 72 sq ft wood shed $1,500
Maryland Edgewater Demolition of 300 sq ft wood shed $1,500
Michigan Saginaw Demolition of dilapidated 640 sq ft wood shed $1,500
Minnesota Minneapolis Demolition of 225 sq ft wood shed $1,500
New Jersey Middletown Demolition of two (2) 160 sq ft wood and steel sheds $3,500
New York Sheldon Demolition of 120 sq ft wood shed $1,200
North Carolina Asheville Demolition of two (2) fire-damaged 216 sq ft wood sheds $2,200
North Carolina Raleigh Demolition of 192 sq ft wood shed, including concrete foundation and 225 sq ft lean-to $2,400
Texas Baytown Demolition of 120 sq ft wood shed $800
Texas Justin Demolition of 750 sq ft wood shed $4,500

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Cost of Deck Removal

deck removal cost

The average price of deck removal is between $600 and $1,000, including disposal of the debris.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay $2-$6 per square foot to remove your deck.

However, your exact deck removal cost can vary.

Factors That Affect Deck Removal Costs:

  • Size of the deck
  • Materials used to build the deck
  • Complexity of the deck (Is it multi-stories?)
  • Location and accessibility of the deck
  • Who you hire
  • The amount of salvageable material

Deck Removal Cost Examples

State City Project Description Project Cost
California Anaheim Removal of 280 sq ft wood deck $300
California Long Beach Removal of 375 sq ft wood deck, including site grading $550
California Mission Viejo Removal of 240 sq ft wood deck $720
Michigan Farmington Hills Removal of 100 sq ft wood deck $800
Michigan Hartland Removal of 168 sq ft wood deck $800
Michigan Rochester Hills Removal of 169 sq ft wood deck $800
Michigan Sterling Heights Removal of 384 sq ft raised wood deck $900
Michigan Troy Removal of 650 sq ft wood deck $2,600
New Jersey Teaneck Removal of 176 sq ft wood deck $700
Texas Frisco Removal of 120 sq ft wood deck $785

As you can see, it costs more to remove the 240 sq ft wood deck from Mission Viejo, California than it does to remove larger decks from other California communities.

This shows the effect that the cost of living and waste disposal fees have on a fence removal project's cost.

Mission Viejo has the highest waste disposal fees and cost of living (170.8/100) compared to Long Beach (160.4/100) and Anaheim (152.2/100), and this is reflected in the project cost.

To ensure you get the best price for your fence removal, we recommend getting quotes from at least three different contractors.

This will help to guarantee you don't overpay and that you get the best customer service, too.


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Cost of Fence Removal

dismantling a wooden fence

The national average cost to remove a fence is around $600-$800, including debris disposal, but can cost as little as a couple hundred bucks or as much as a couple thousand in some cases.

The price you pay to remove your old fence will depend on a number of factors, and if you plan to replace your old fence with a new one, the cost to remove will likely be tied into the quote to replace it.

The cost to remove your fence will depend on:

  • The fence material being removed
  • The length and complexity of the fence
  • Whether or not the fence has cement footings
  • The location of the fence
  • The contractor you hire for the job

Fence Removal Cost Examples

State City Project Description Project Cost
Illinois Elmhurst Removal of 140 ft long wood fence $650
Illinois Naperville Removal of 200 ft long cedar fence $650
Illinois Westmont Removal of 108 ft long wood fence $600
Iowa Des Moines  Removal of 40 ft long wood fence with concrete footings $625
Maryland Baltimore Removal of 42 ft long wood fence $900
Michigan Grosse Pointe Farms Removal of 60 ft long wood privacy fence $1,200
Michigan Warren Removal of 30 ft long rotting wood fence $800

Because the location, size, and material of the fence affect pricing, it's important to get multiple quotes from various contractors.

This will help to ensure you get the best possible price for the best possible fence removal services.

Your quote should include labor and disposal, but be sure to confirm what exactly is included in each quote with the different companies you speak to.

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