The Cost to Demo an Old Deck and Build a New One

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Updated June 6, 2023

There are several reasons why replacing a deck is a good idea. Learn more about the benefits of deck removal, how much it costs to demolish, and how much it costs to build a new deck.

Benefits of Replacing Your Deck

  • Improve the deck's overall appearance with fresh lumber and/or modern materials to better enjoy the space
  • Increase your home's value with a new and updated deck that potential homebuyers would love
  • Add new design features in order to increase safety, functionality, and/or accessibility (gates, ramps, etc.)
  • Replace the deck with something new and different that you love, like landscaping, a pool, storage shed, etc.
Regardless of the reason for wanting to get rid of your deck, make sure you are well-prepared so the project goes smoothly.

Cost to Remove a Deck

The average cost to demolish a standard wood deck is $600 - $1,000, including debris disposal.

The exact cost of your deck removal project will depend upon:

  • Size of the deck
  • Complexity of the deck
  • Deck location
  • Accessibility of the deck
  • Who you hire to remove the deck
  • Amount of salvageable materials

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Cost to Build a Deck

The average cost to install a new deck is $7,000 - $8,000, ranging from $4,000 - $10,000 in most cases.

Deck Size Average Cost Most People Pay
Small (< 200 sq. ft.) $7,000 - $8,000 $2,000-$12,000
Medium (200 - 500 sq. ft.) $13,000 - $14,000 $6,000-$20,000
Large (> 500 sq. ft.) $23,000 - $24,000 $8,000-$35,000

In addition, unique, custom designs and second-story installations can increase overall costs by 30 - 60% on average.

Your total deck replacement cost will depend on various factors, like:
  • Deck size
  • Desired design & features
  • Quality of building materials
  • Location & accessibility of the deck
  • Intended extras, like gazebos, outdoor kitchens, etc.

Overall Cost to Replace Your Deck

If removal costs $600 - $1,000 on average and installation costs $4,000 - $10,000 on average...

Deck replacement costs $4,600 - $11,000 on average.

Your deck replacement could cost more or less than this depending on the factors listed above, so get multiple quotes for your deck replacement project.

The more contractors you speak to, the better your chances of having a positive experience.

The last thing you want to do is overpay (or pay at all) for poor service, so do your due diligence when choosing the right contractor for your project.

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