Do Fences Increase a Home's Property Value?

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Updated January 15, 2024

Fences are multi-functional: an attractive feature, added privacy from neighbors, increased security from trespassers, and a more enclosed place for children and pets to play. No wonder it's on most homebuyers' must-have list.

Privacy, safety, and landscape enhancement are three of the biggest benefits of fences.

On top of that, fences come in countless materials, sizes, and color variations, making it easier than ever to find the perfect fence to fit your home, lifestyle, and budget.

Exactly how much value does fencing add to your home? While there may not be an exact monetary value, there are multiple ways a fence benefits homeowners and increases a home's marketability.

We'll go over some of the biggest benefits of adding/maintaining/replacing your residential fence to make the biggest impact on your property value, when to remove your fence, and how to find a fence removal specialist in your area.

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Top Benefits of Having a Fence

wood privacy fence

There are several benefits to having a fence, all of which make the feature desirable to potential buyers when selling your property and increase your home's curb appeal.

So, the question is...does a fence add value to your home? Absolutely!

Exactly how much depends on the specific fence, home, and homebuyers and may not be monetarily definable.

There are, however, huge benefits to having a fence, especially for dog owners, those with younger children, and homes with pools or hot tubs. Likewise, nearly everybody can agree that privacy is a benefit in any situation, and a clearly defined yard space doesn't hurt either.

1. Privacy

A fenced-in yard provides valuable privacy between your home and surrounding neighbors and traffic.

For many, the sense of privacy a fence offers is extremely valuable. It's ideal for some situations, such as if you have a pool or a hot tub. In most cities and counties, you are actually required to build a fence if you plan to build a pool.

2. Pets

labrador retriever laying in yard in front of wooden fence

Another huge perk of fences is the safety they offer man's best friend.

Considering the fact that a large majority of homebuyers have dogs or may have one in the future, a fenced in yard is a huge perk and well worth the money.

While the style of the fence doesn’t particularly matter, the height and durability of the fence does; and because a new fence could cost thousands of dollars, a prospective homebuyer with a dog is likely to pay more for a house that has a pet-friendly fence than a house that doesn't.

3. Children

dad playing soccer with son in front yard

Similar to the appeal that fences offer dog owners, fences offer a huge benefit to parents of small children, too.

Of course, privacy is nice, but the beneift of having a closed-in space for kids to run around and play in safely without the risk of running after a ball bouncing into the street is another added benefit.

The peace of mind that a fence can provide may easily be more valuable than money.

4. Landscaping

freshly landscaped fenced in yard

One of the more underrated features of a fence is its ability to define a space and set it apart from its surroundings.

Installing or replacing a fence is a quick way to define your yard by giving it shape and purpose. If done correctly, a fence can actually make your yard appear bigger as well as more cozy and welcoming at the same time.

When to Remove or Replace a Fence

While fencing provides many benefits for homeowners, it's very important to maintain the feature and make sure that it's kept in good condition. 

Having a fence that is worse for wear or falling apart can do much more harm than good, and simply having a fence just to have one, regardless of its condition, is not a good strategy.

However, replacing a fence when it's time to is a relatively quick way to improve your home's curb appeal, increasing your home's potential value and making your property more visually appealing and well-defined.

The bottom line? Don't let a good fence go bad.

Here are some signs to look for if you're wondering whether or not your fence should be removed for the benefit of your property value.

Splintering Wood

If your wooden privacy fence has significant splintering happening, it may be time to repair, replace, or remove your fence. 

A fence that is splintering is not just an eyesore, but a liability for animals, children, and unsuspecting guests and neighbors. The last thing you want is for someone to be injured due to your unkept property features.

Wood that is splintering is also a sign that the material is weakening, leaving it at risk to fall on it's own after a wind storm and potentially letting your pets loose or injuring someone nearby.

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Heavy Rust

A chain link fence with heavy rust present will likely need to be replaced. 

Similarly to a wooden fence that is splintering, a mental fence that is rusting is weakened, vulnerable, and a liability with the potential to injure or otherwise harm a child or animal.

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Warped Boards

Warping wooden fence boards

A fence whose boards are warped and misshapen not only affect the appearance of the fence, but it also greatly compromises its structural integrity.

The fence's ground and footings can shift, nails can become loose, and wood can be rotting from the inside-out.

When a fence is no longer straight, it's best practice to remove and/or replace it entirely rather than just addressing the areas that are warping because the rest of the fence's body will eventually follow suite, creating an on-going project with no end in sight. 

Missing Pieces

If fence panels are falling out, nails are missing, or entire sections are falling over, it's most likely to replace the entire fence.

Once pieces are missing, the fence is liable to collapse at any moment.

Missing fence pieces that end up in your yard or driveway can lead to injuries for people and animals that walk the yard, popped tires for cars, bikes, and riding mowers, and damaged lawn equipment.

Stains and Discoloring

When your fence starts to change colors, it's time to take a closer look.

Heavy sun fading, mildew stains, and mold stains are all signs of wear and tear that eventually takes place after years and years of exposure to the elements. 

As time goes on, these changes signal a weakening structure and the beginning of the fencing structure's failure.

How to Find Fence Removal Pros

If your fence has seen better days, you should consider hiring a professional to remove it and build you a new fence with modern materials that fit your budget and your needs.

Replacing a fence is a more difficult and demanding project than most people realize and requires a variety of skill sets and equipment that doesn't make it a job for the average homeowner.

Hiring a professional to remove and replace your fence can save you lots of time and money in the long run.

Hometown makes it easy to find locally-owned and operated light demo companies in your area. By entering your zip code and answering a few short questions about your fence removal project, you'll be shown reputable licensed and insured demolition companies that service your area.

Our single quote request form makes it quick and easy to request free quotes from multiple providers, making cost comparison faster than ever.

Getting multiple fence removal quotes is the best way to find the right company for your project. It's important to read reviews from real customers to see what others experienced when hiring them, and it's also important to speak with different companies yourself to get a feel for the quality of customer service you can expect.

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