House Demolition

house demolition by excavator

Demolition vs. Renovation: Making the Right Choice for Your Property

Explore the key factors to consider when deciding whether to demolish or renovate a home or business so you can be sure you make the right choice for your property.

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excavator tearing down house

Before and After: The Transformative Power of House Demolition

House demolition is a powerful tool used to revitalize properties and entire neighborhoods, make way for new construction, and even bring about positive environmental changes. Learn about the transformative power of house demolition, the process, and the significant changes it can bring to a family or entire community.

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eco-friendly house demolition

Eco-Friendly House Demolition: Sustainability in Deconstruction and Recycling

Learn more about the concept of eco-friendly house demolition and the sustainable practices that can be employed in deconstruction and recycling as well as how to find an eco-friendly demolition contractor.

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fire damaged house

Fire Damaged House Demolition: Costs and How It's Done

Learn the average cost of tearing down a fire-damaged house, what goes into the process, and who to hire to get it done.

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fire-damaged house exterior

Introduction to Fire Damaged Building Demolition

After a fire, the devastation left behind can be a burden. Before you demolish your fire-damaged structure, know what to expect and how the devastation is best dealt with.

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excavator demolishing structure

Beginner's Guide to Structural Demolition

"Structural demolition" is the physical dismantling of any type of structure. Learn the main points to consider when approaching structural demolition to ensure your project goes smoothly.

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Excavator demolishing a large house

How Much Does It Cost to Demolish a House?

House demolition costs between $4,000-$14,000 on average, including demolition debris disposal. Learn the factors that affect house demolition costs and how to find the right contractor for the job.

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excavator tearing down house

What’s the Cheapest Way to Demolish a House?

When it comes time to tear down your home, know how to get cheap house demolition without sacrificing service. Understand what a fair price for house demolition looks like in your area and find out what can help to reduce that price to as low as possible.

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demolition 101

Demolition 101: A Beginner's Guide to Demo

Learn everything there is to know about house demolition, barn demolition, interior demolition, pool removal, concrete removal, and more. Find out how to dispose of debris, how much demolition costs, and more with our Demo 101 guide.

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pros and cons of demolishing old historic house

Advantages and Disadvantages of Demolishing Old Buildings

Demolishing old buildings comes with both advantages and disadvantages, and to help you decide if tearing down an old building is your best option, we’re going to lay it all out for you.

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Interior deconstruction project - Selective interior demo

Deconstruction vs Demolition: When to Deconstruct a Building

By comparing the pros and cons of demolition and deconstruction, you can make the best decision for you, your project, and your budget.

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mechanical demolition is fast and less expensive

The Homeowner's Guide to Demolishing a House

If you're considering tearing down a house, it's important to understand what's involved. Learn all about the various methods available, which removal option is best, roughly how much it should cost, and how to find the best contractor.

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excavator demolishing residential structure

Will Demolition Increase Your Property Value?

Demolition can increase a property’s value. Learn the various questions you should be asking when making the decision whether or not demolition is the best option for your structure.

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excavator doing house demolition

Breakdown of the House Demolition Process

When thinking about tearing down a house, it’s important to understand the process behind it. We'll outline the house demolition process from start to finish so you know what to expect.

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demolition equipment excavator

How Much Does Demolition Cost per Square Foot?

The average cost of demolition is often in the $5 to $10 per square foot range, but final costs can vary widely. See examples of costs per square foot for different demolition projects.

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