mechanical demolition project

Understanding the Different Types of Demolition: Selecting the Right Approach

Learn the various types of demolition methods, best uses for each method, and factors influencing the selection of the most appropriate approach so you can make the best choice for your project.

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eco-friendly house demolition

Eco-Friendly House Demolition: Sustainability in Deconstruction and Recycling

Learn more about the concept of eco-friendly house demolition and the sustainable practices that can be employed in deconstruction and recycling as well as how to find an eco-friendly demolition contractor.

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old shed in yard

Shed Demolition and Removal 101

Get answers to all of your shed removal questions so you can feel prepared and hire the best shed removal company for the best price.

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excavator demolishing barn

What to Do With an Old Barn on Your Property

Learn the options available when considering what to do with the old barn on your property, what's involved with each method, average costs, and more.

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commercial structure demolition

Insider Tips for a Successful Commercial Demolition Project

It's important that contractors and property owners understand how to safely and successfully demolish a commercial building. Read our guide to make sure your project goes smoothly.

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garage deconstruction

A Beginner's Guide to Deconstruction

Learn all about deconstruction, like how the deconstruction process works, how much it costs compared to demolition, its environmental impact, and more.

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pile of construction wood

Guide to Reducing the Amount of Waste Generated During a Demolition or Construction Project

Reduce the amount of construction and demolition debris you haul to the landfill to save money and help the environment with our guide.

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benefits to dismantling old barn

It Pays to Have Your Barn Demolished

Salvaging old barn wood for resale can cover much of the costs of the dismantling project. Learn how much barn demolition costs, the average value of old timber, when you can take advantage of selling your barn for salvage, and more.

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Interior deconstruction project - Selective interior demo

Deconstruction vs Demolition: When to Deconstruct a Building

By comparing the pros and cons of demolition and deconstruction, you can make the best decision for you, your project, and your budget.

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old dilapidated barn with holes in roof

3 Ways to Handle an Old Barn

Many barns out there have seen better days, and some barely qualify as freestanding structures anymore. Learn about the various options available when it comes to handling an old barn.

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