Wall Removal

non-load bearing wall demolition

Interior Demolition Cost Breakdown for Appliance, Ceiling, Floor, and Wall Removal

Learn about the costs associated with all different types of interior demolition projects, like wall removal, floor removal, appliance removal, and more. 

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man demolishing interior wall

Wall Demolition Tips for the DIY Homeowner

Get interior walls torn down safely. Learn how wall demolition is done and how to find a qualified professional to handle it at a fair price with Hometown.

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swinging sledgehammer at wood deck railing

Small Demolition Projects: DIY or Hire a PRO?

When it comes to smaller demolition jobs, consider the pros and cons of doing the work yourself vs. hiring an expert. Consider costs, your ability to do the work, and more.

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home projects to tackle during winter

8 Home Projects to Tackle Before Spring Arrives

The most cost-effective time to update your home and get small projects done is before the warmth of spring settles in. Read this article for 8 project ideas to tackle during this time.

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residential interior demolition site

Residential Interior Demolition Cost Guide: Factors That Affect Your Final Bill

If you're wondering how much residential interior demolition will cost, our cost guide will help give you an idea of what to expect.

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pile of construction wood

Guide to Reducing the Amount of Waste Generated During a Demolition or Construction Project

Reduce the amount of construction and demolition debris you haul to the landfill to save money and help the environment with our guide.

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