Will Demolition Increase Your Property Value?

demolition increases property value

Demolition can increase a property’s value in the right circumstances.

This infographic will outline the various questions you should be asking when making the decision whether or not demolition is the best option for your structure, whether it’s a house, barn, mobile home, commercial structure, or otherwise.

demolition increases your property value infographic

Is the building in decent shape?

If the structure is able to be occupied or is of historical significance and can be redeemed, keeping the structure may be more valuable than removing it.

If the structure is dilapidated, demolition is almost always the best bet.

Is the property zoned for commercial use?

If the property is intended for commercial purposes, then leaving the structure for the buyer to handle will likely have little to no effect on the property's value.

If your property is intended for residential use, then more often than not, demolishing the structure will increase your property's value.

Is the structure a liability?

If the structure is in such bad shape that it's a liability, demolishing it will increase the value of your property.

If the structure is physically sound and does not pose an immediate threat, demolition is not the only option.

Can the structure be used as a training exercise by your local fire department?

Reach out to your local fire department to inquire if they could benefit from using your structure as a training exercise. Demolition may not be necessary in this case.

If your local fire department is not interested in burning the structure as part of a training exercise, demolition is the next best option in most cases.

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