Concrete Foundation Removal Cost Guide: Average Prices, Cost Factors, and More

concrete foundation removal cost

Updated June 7, 2023

Removing an old concrete foundation is necessary in order to make way for the new, but if this is a project you're facing, you're likely asking yourself, 'How much will this cost?'

At Hometown, we understand that getting a great price for your foundation removal is important to you, and we're here to help ensure you get that.

Our cost guide will go over:

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Concrete Foundation Removal Average Cost

The cost of concrete foundation removal is $1,000-$5,000 on average, including debris disposal.

However, costs can be more or less than this depending on various factors. 

The table below gives an idea of what real concrete foundation removal costs across the country look like, how they vary, and why.


Concrete Foundation Removal Pricing Examples

State City Project Description Project Cost
California Santa Ana Demolition of 400 sq ft concrete foundation $2,000
Georgia Marietta Demolition of 200 sq ft concrete foundation, including 100 sq ft brick wall $2,000
Minnesota Lakeville Demolition of 288 sq ft concrete foundation and wood retaining wall $1,900
New Hampshire Warren Demolition of 864 sq ft concrete foundation $1,800
New Jersey Ocean City Demolition of 476 sq ft concrete foundation, including replacement with pavers/stone $34,000
North Carolina Charlotte Demolition of 1,500 sq ft cinder block foundation, including cedar sidings $5,500
Texas Colleyville Demolition of 480 sq ft concrete foundation $1,050
Texas Fort Worth Demolition of 352 sq ft concrete foundation $2,000
Texas Fort Worth Demolition of 1,500 sq ft concrete foundation $9,000


As the above table shows, the cost to remove a concrete foundation varies quite a bit from one project to the next, from as low as $1,000 to as high as $10,000 or more.

Your particular foundation removal project could cost more or less than the examples shown above.

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Factors Affecting Concrete Foundation Removal Pricing

There are a number of things that can affect the cost of your specific concrete removal project.

The most common factors that influence the total cost of concrete foundation removal include:

  • Size and depth of the foundation.
  • Where the foundation is located and how accessible it is.
  • Whether or not obstacles are present to work around or move.
  • Who does the work.

As you can see from the table above, some of the biggest factors affecting concrete foundation removal costs are the location and size of the foundation.

For example, a customer in Warren, New Hampshire paid $1,800 to have an 864 sq ft concrete foundation removed, while another customer in Santa Ana, California paid $2,000 for the removal of a 400 sq ft concrete foundation.

This difference in price is because the waste disposal fees and cost of living in Santa Ana are higher than those of Warren.

Therefore, customers in Santa Ana pay more on average than customers in Warren, or other areas with a lower cost of living.

If your project is complex in some way, you can expect your cost to go up.

For example, if your concrete foundation is difficult to access with heavy machinery, it will require more caution and more time to complete the job properly and will cost more as well.

Another commonly overlooked factor that affects foundation removal costs is the contractor you hire to do it.

Each contractor offers different levels of customer service and different prices, and not all contractors are created equal.

Because of this, we recommend reaching out to multiple contractors for quotes to compare them.

This will help you get a great price for your foundation removal project and great customer service, too.


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How to Find the Right Concrete Foundation Removal Contractor

concrete foundation removal contractor

Hiring an experienced concrete removal contractor to handle your foundation removal project is important for a number of reasons, but more than anything, it's for your protection.

If the foundation removal is not handled properly, damage can be done to underground lines, surrounding drainage systems, etc.

A qualified concrete removal contractor will carefully consider the best way to remove the foundation without damaging any surrounding property, and what size/type of equipment is best for your particular project.

Similarly, when it comes to concrete foundation removal, grading the area improperly can lead to costly drainage issues down the road.

This is why we recommend hiring someone you know is licensed and insured to handle the foundation removal.

We recommend reaching out to three or more local contractors to obtain quotes for your foundation removal project. 

This will help to ensure you hire the right person for your concrete foundation removal without overpaying.

Hometown helps make it easy to find contractors in your area, read customer reviews, and request quotes from as many contractors as you'd like.

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