Demolition Tips & Advice

chimney repair cost
Chimneys age and require regular maintenance to prevent problems from becoming severe and more costly. The most common causes of chimney repair are cracks. Learn the average costs of these repairs and how to keep costs down...
how to restore a wood deck
Wood decks are a beautiful addition to any home, but can take a beating from the weather and wear and tear. Whether your wood deck needs a quick cleaning or total restoration, our guide will help you get started on your way to a younger-looking, longer-lasting deck.
wood fence replacement cost
The privacy of a fenced-in backyard can add value to your home, but when it's old and worn, it becomes an eyesore. So when it comes time to replace a wood fence, how much does it cost? We'll discuss the various factors and costs to consider when replacing your wood fence.
how to remodel kitchen
Is your current kitchen out-of-date, cramped, or just in need of an update? Once you’ve decided on what you want to do (or that you want to do something!), how do you go about starting a kitchen remodeling project? We're here to help.
Should I replace my pool
This is one of the most common questions pool owners ask when they are debating whether or not they should remove their inground or above ground pool. Removing a pool can have many positive effects when it comes time to sell your property, but the bottom line is: It depends.
profitable home remodels
Remodeling your home is an excellent way to not only make the most of your home but also to increase its value and attract potential homebuyers when it comes time to sell. Not all remodels have to be complete home makeovers. Oftentimes, starting with one room makes a big difference.
what are excavators used for
If you’re considering a demolition project and you are curious how the job will be done, this is the guide for you. There are multiple types of equipment commonly used for demolition projects of all shapes and sizes. Learn about each type, what they’re used for, and more.
kitchen cabinet installation
Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen or replacing your kitchen cabinets? Understanding how cabinets are installed can give you, the homeowner, peace of mind. Read on to find out how kitchen cabinets are installed.
hire the right basement remodel contractor
Unless you are a qualified professional, taking on the framing, electrical, and plumbing work of a basement remodel is not recommended. Hiring a contractor is the first—and arguably the most important—step in the basement remodel process.
cost to remodel basement
A finished basement increases your home’s value, provides you with added living space, and offers a great return on investment (ROI) when it comes to home improvement projects. Finishing a basement can cost between $25-$50 per square foot on average.
old garage demolition
Is there an old, unsightly garage taking up space on your property? Read our garage demolition guide to discover everything you need to know about all aspects of the garage demolition process, from costs to how it's done, and more.
how to fill in your pool
Filling in your pool is a great option for those who are looking to get rid of their pool without the price tag of a complete pool removal. Get answers to the most common questions when it comes to filling in a pool.
house demolition cost calculator
There are a number of factors that come into play when determing the cost of demolishing a house, but you can still get an idea of what a house demolition project your size could cost with our simple house demolition cost calculator.
old detached garage
On average, garage demolition costs $2 - $6 per square foot in the United States. There are, however, several factors that will affect this overall cost, from the materials used to build the garage, whether or not it's free-standing, and much more.
cost to renovate a house
The average cost to renovate a house is between $4,000 and $150,000. The cost of your renovation project will be directly proportional to the amount of work and materials the project requires. Renovating your house increases your enjoyment of the home and adds to its resale value.