Demolition Tips & Advice

contractor quotes breakdown
One of the biggest and worst mistakes a property owner can make when hiring a contractor is failing to get everything—and we mean everything—in writing. Find out what information a contract should include before signing it so that you're protected.
hiring a remodeling contractor
A good remodeler can help turn your home into that of your dreams. That’s why choosing the right person for the job is the most important part of the remodeling process. Make sure you choose the best contractor for your project, and what to expect throughout the process.
concrete driveway replacement
When it’s time to replace your concrete driveway, make sure you have a good understanding of how much it costs, how long the new driveway should last, and the types of options available.
pros and cons of demolishing old historic house
Old buildings can become an eyesore and even a burden. So, what do you do with it? Demolishing old buildings comes with both advantages and disadvantages, and to help you decide if tearing down an old building is your best option, we’re going to lay it all out for you.
bathroom demolition
In the United States, residential interior demolition projects typically range between $550 and $12,000, with the national average cost falling around $4,000. As with most demolition jobs, the exact size and complexity of your interior demolition project will affect its overall cost.
house demolition process
When thinking about tearing down a house, it’s important to understand the process behind it—not only the physical demolition but what should happen first, too. We'll outline the house demolition process from start-to-finish so you know what to expect.
cost of commercial demolition
On average, commercial demolition costs around $4 - $8 per square foot. The cost you pay per square foot of your commercial demolition project could be higher or lower than this average depending on various circumstances.
fix or repair concrete driveway cracks
Concrete is an incredibly strong material. However, it is not impervious to the elements, and it will develop cracks and other issues over time. Luckily, it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to repair most concrete driveway cracks. With that said, not all cracks should be repaired—some concrete should be replaced entirely.
inground pool in house backyard
Pools are great in theory, but oftentimes, there are "hidden" downsides that can lead to a pool being more of a headache than a fun and relaxing haven. Learn four of the biggest downfalls to owning a swimming pool and why removing it may make great sense (and "cents").
do fences increase property value
A fence can serve a number of purposes for your home and surrounding property. (No wonder it's on most homebuyers' "must-haves" list.) Offering privacy, safety, and landscape enhancement, fences can increase the value of a home.
remove your old, unsafe deck
Outdoor decks undergo a great deal of exposure—solar rays, heat, cold, precipitation, and wind. When it comes time to remove your old deck, make sure you're prepared. Learn how decks are removed, who to hire to get the job done, and how much deck removal costs.
If you have a concrete patio attached to the back of your house and you're looking to have it removed, make sure you have a good understanding of how much it will cost, how it's done, and who to hire to get it done properly. This will eliminate any headaches and ensure your project goes smoothly.
DIY interior demolition is messy work
When it comes to the world of DIY, there is endless information available to us, but not every project can be completed with just a simple set of directions; some are more complex than that, and complications can easily arise.
protect your home during interior demolition
Whether you DIY or hire a professional to do the job, it is imperative that your property is protected during interior demolition. Failing to utilize the proper tools and techniques during an interior demolition is an easy way to end up with a dirt and dust-ridden home.
old backyard shed
If you've got an old storage shed on your property that you're not quite sure what to do with, the good news is: There are quite a few options available to you. The choice is entirely up to you, but if you need help determining which method is best for you, we can help.