Interior Design Tips to Increase Productivity When Working from Home

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Updated January 3, 2023

When COVID-19 first started, working from home quickly became a way of life for millions.

Working from home has many advantages: save time and money on travel, increased schedule flexibility, and more comfort. However, working from home (WFH) comes with its own share of disadvantages, too, like countless distractions and difficulty maintaining a work-life balance.

Because of that, we highly recommend creating a work-from-home (WFH) space that is customized to suit your needs, a place that is functional, organized, and easy to focus in.

For those looking for some tips on achieving a successful WFH space, we've gathered a handful of our biggest interior design tips to ensure your home workspace works for you.

Table of Contents:

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1. Establish a Designated Workspace

We get it: It's tempting to grab your laptop and plop on the couch and get to work, but we recommend against this.

Rolling out of bed and immediately jumping into work rarely sets us up for success, and makes it almost impossible to shift into "work mode," meaning you can't shift back into "life mode" when the work day is done either.

Creating that work-life separation is key to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

It's important to create a work-life separation so you can enjoy your home without feeling like you should be working, and so you can focus on work without getting distracted by house chores instead.

This is why we recommend keeping the habit of working on a desk to maximize productivity and minimize distractions.

In addition, the ergonomics of your workspace should not be underestimated.

Repetitive sub-optimal movement can cause stress injuries over time which can negatively impact your ability to get around and your well-being overall.

This is why we strongly advise against working from a couch or a non-ergonomic chair and desk.

There are many options available for sitting/standing desks as well as ergonomic chair options to ensure you find the right fit for you at the right cost.

Having a designated spot that's set up properly for you to do your job will make it that much easier to transition into work mode and maintain that work-life balance.

Oftentimes, people utilize an existing area of their home that doesn't see a lot of use, or has room to spare, for their new office: guest bedrooms, basements, dining rooms, and attic spaces are a few of the most common choices.

If your basement, attic, or extra bedrooms don't leave much to be desired, however, it may be a smart investment to consider remodeling them to better suit your needs.

Tearing down a wall to make more room or putting one up to separate a large space can often be completed in a day or two, and can do wonders for a WFH office.

Curious about how much it would cost to create your dream WFH space? Reach out to local contractors for free, no-obligation estimates.

2. Personalize Your Space

layers of greenery on shelves in a room with green walls

What good is a home office if you dread spending time in it everyday?

Making your office a place you at least semi-enjoy goes beyond an ergonomic chair and desk.

Once the bones of your office are good, it's time to decorate the space with the colors, patterns, and materials you like.

Most people don't realize that the colors you choose for a room have a dramatic impact on your emotions.

Low wavelength colors, like green and blue, have been scientifically proven to improve focus and efficiency.

Green is especially useful for home offices because it's been shown to reduce eye fatigue from looking at a screen.

However, if you have a color that you love, one that boosts your mood every time you see it, incorporate that into your office instead.

Bright colors that bring you joy can keep you invigorated rather than melancholic during those monotonous-at-times work days.

Similar to choosing colors that bring you joy, opt for wall art, greenery, and other decor that positively impacts your mental state.

Adding houseplants to your space can boost your mood, reduce stress, and ease anxiety.

There are countless low-maintenance options to choose from, so you can find the right plant for your space.

3. Choose Functional Storage

A cluttered space can quickly lead to a cluttered mind (the former is often evidence of the latter), which is why we always recommend keeping your WFH space as minimal and functional as possible.

Make sure any items that exist in your office space serve a clear purpose. Everything else should be stored away and organized for easy finding and accessing.

This is when closed storage in your home office or WFH area is invaluable.

There should be a designated spot for everything: paperwork of all types, office supplies that you use occasionally, blankets and bedding, and any other items or decor that need a home.

Utilize your wall space for shelves, pin-up boards, and other organization options.

The goal is to maximize how you use your space to increase the room's functionality and your overall productivity.

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4. Pick the Best Lighting Possible

woman sitting at desk in front of window with overhead lamp

The best lighting in an office space is natural lighting, with morning light being the absolute best.

If you can, choose a space for your home office that gets as much bright natural lighting as possible.

The closer your desk is to a window, the better, because it will maximize your Vitamin D and sunlight intake, which increases feelings of alertness and one's ability to focus.

If you must rely on artificial lighting, we recommend using warm lighting that mimics natural light as much as possible while also minimizing eye strain.

It shouldn't go understated how quickly poor lighting can negatively impact your ability to focus and be productive.

Poor lighting leads to eye strain, headaches, reduced energy, and overall malaise.

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