Why You Should Hire a Professional to Remove Your Floors

why you should hire a professional to remove your floors

Updated January 24, 2023

Remodeling is a great way to give your house a much-needed update while preserving the home you love.

Replacing your floors can give your home a new personality and increase its value.

While handling floor removal yourself can seem like a financially savvy move, some projects are best left to the pros.

This guide will help you determine whether or not handling a floor removal project yourself is the right choice, or if it makes more sense to hire a professional.

benefits to hiring a floor removal expert

Benefits to DIY Floor Removal

Removing your floor yourself is one of your options when it comes to floor removal.

However, it’s not an option for everyone.

If you have the strength, time, and proper equipment, you can more than likely handle your floor removal yourself.

The biggest benefits to removing your floor yourself are:

Save Money

Removing your floor(s) yourself will save you money if everything goes right.

It’s roughly $2-$3 per sq ft to pay a professional to remove your floors for you, and this adds up if you have a large area of flooring to tear up.

DIY floor removal eliminates labor costs and can lower your overall bill.

Develop a New Skill

Tearing up floors is a beneficial skill to have, and most people learn by doing.

If you’re curious to learn new skills, especially as it pertains to improving your home, then DIY floor removal is a great option.

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Benefits to Hiring a Floor Removal Expert

Your other option when it comes to floor removal is hiring an expert to get it done for you.

Floor removal isn’t as simple as it may seem, and it’s quite difficult work at times.

Because of this, it can be a time-intensive and painstaking job, making it a better project for pros for a majority of homeowners.

Hiring a pro has many benefits to homeowners, including:

Saves Time

Let’s face it: Most people are busy and have better things to do than pry up your floors for hours on end.

Finding the free time to remove your floors could take days if not weeks to complete, and time is valuable.

Hiring a professional saves you time and gets your project done faster.

Less Mess

To say the least, floor removal is messy.

There are pounds of dust that can spread throughout your home if not properly managed, and the glue that must be removed and cleaned up can be a serious headache.

With professional floor removal services, the project is completed virtually dust-free, and you don’t have any glue to worry about.

No Danger

Floor removal involves nails, staples, pry bars, and hammers—all of which can be dangerous if the proper safety precautions aren’t followed at all times.

Not to mention the lengths you’ll need to go to protect your home from the dust.

A floor removal expert has all the safety equipment and tools needed to safely complete the project and keep you and your family safe.

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