Tear Down That Garage! Benefits of Removal, How It's Done, and How Much It Costs

old garage demolition

If your garage is an old eyesore, then tear it down and start fresh!

Garage demolition is not as complicated or as expensive as you probably think, and a professional can typically have the garage torn down and hauled away in a single day.

Oftentimes, the contractor who can tear down the garage can also build a new garage for you if that’s the next step.

Or, if you’d rather pave the area for an extended driveway, seed it for a larger lawn, or rebuild another structure on it, your contractor may very well be able to assist.


Using the same contractor for both projects will not only streamline the project, but it will also likely save you money too! Speak to multiple contractors so you can see who is capable of doing what.

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Pros & Cons of Garage Demolition

There are various pros and cons to demolishing your garage, and they should be considered before moving forward:


  • Increases safety and property values
  • Makes way for more beneficial uses


  • Demolishing a piece of history, no matter how small
  • Could upset neighbors or the community

Find the right contractor for your garage demolition

How Garage Demolition Is Done

The best way to get rid of your garage is to hire a professional to handle the work safely and efficiently.

A garage demolition expert will be able to remove your garage in no time, and here’s how it’s done:

1. A permit must be obtained from your city.

The first step of garage demolition is to obtain any necessary permits that your building department requires.

Your contractor should handle this no questions asked.

When reaching out to multiple contractors for quotes, make sure you ask them if they will handle pulling the permits.


If a contractor is not willing to pull a permit on your behalf, consider it a red flag that they aren’t properly licensed or qualified to do the work, and keep looking for the right contractor.

2. Turn off the garage utilities.

The next step is to shut off the water, gas, and electricity.

Once utilities are off, any pipes and wires can be safely removed from the walls by removing any wallboard necessary to access them.

Pipes, plumbing, wires, and electrical and gas fixtures are typically considered recyclable.

Recycling these materials not only helps protect the environment, but it also can save you money!

Recycling fees are less expensive than landfill fees. 

3. Tear off the garage roof and siding.

The most efficient way to remove a roof is to pull it off piece-by-piece.


TIP: If the roof was in decent shape, the plywood sheathing may be reusable and worth saving for a future project.

Remove trim around all windows and doors.

Once the trim is gone, the siding can be removed. If the siding and trim have minimal damage, they both could be worth saving.

With the siding out of the way, drywall on the interior walls can be removed. (These materials are not recyclable.)

If materials aren’t reusable, they should be recycled whenever possible.

4. Remove garage doors and windows.

Next up is taking down the garage door(s), followed by any other doors and windows.

If the windows and doors can be reused, store them in a dry place to use later, sell them, or reach out to your local recycled material dealer.

Some recycling facilities will even pick up the materials from your home.

5. Dismantle the garage framing.

Next comes the framing, which can be pried apart with a pry bar and hammer.

This, and other aspects of the garage demolition process, can be done with heavy equipment rather than by deconstructing.

This will save both time and money but reduces the ability to reuse materials.

Garage Removal Costs

Garage removal typically costs $1,000 to $3,000.

With that said, the cost to tear down a garage depends on a number of factors:

  • Size of the garage
  • Where the garage is located
  • Materials used to build the garage
  • If the garage is attached or detached
  • Whether or not the garage has a foundation
  • Existing utilities in the garage
  • Overall condition of the garage
  • Whether or not there is asbestos or lead paint present

The cost to demolish your garage could be more or less, so get quotes from multiple contractors to be sure you get the best price and hire the best contractor for the job.

Find the right contractor for your garage demolition

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