8 of the Hottest Bathroom Remodel Design Trends

bathroom remodel design ideas

Updated March 14, 2022

If you're constructing a new home or thinking of remodeling your bathroom, this article is for you.

We've compiled 8 of the hottest bathroom design ideas and trends for 2022 and beyond.

Find bathroom design inspiration and learn about the newest bathroom features that homeowners (and buyers!) love.

We'll discuss:

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Trending Bathtubs and Showers

Freestanding tubs, like a vintage clawfoot or contemporary flat-bottom soaking tub, make for a serene master bathroom. 

Besides their polished look, they take up less space than a jacuzzi tub or a traditional style shower bathtub combo would, which creates more opportunities for adding storage space.

And when it comes to showers, say goodbye to your old shower curtain and say hello to French glass doors.

Showers that allow you to feel like you're outdoors, or better yet, showers that actually are outdoors while still being connected to the rest of your bathroom, will be a highly sought-after bathroom layout for the foreseeable future.

trending indoor outdoor showerclawfoot bathtubshowers with French doors

image via Apartment Therapy

both an indoor outdoor showercombine shower and tub for a wet room

image via Gia Bathrooms & Kitchens

Picking a Bold Tile

Sure, subway tiles and black and white tiling are classics, but there are more tile possibilities than most people realize.

Colorful glazed terra cotta tile instantly spices up your bathroom.

Additionally, mixing in hexagonal tile with classic subway tiles is an excellent balance between classic and subdued while being a little funky and different.

terra cotta glazed tiles

image via Domus Tiles

hexagonal tiles mix things up

image via Inside Out

pink tile in modern bathroomyellow tile wall in bathroomgreen tile wall with white and black tile bathroom floor

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Using Wallpaper

The use of wallpaper throughout homes is a trend that isn't going anywhere in 2022. 

Wallpaper has come back with a vengeance and is even being used in bathrooms.

Whether you use wallpaper for an accent wall or use it for multiple walls, you'll have a fresh, modern new look that is sure to get plenty of compliments.

black and white wallpaper in bathroom with wood vanitytropical plant wallpaper in bathroomcolorful bathroom wallpaperblack and white modern wallpaper in bathroomblue and white modern bathroom wallpaper

Warm Flooring

Unless you're into cryotherapy, stepping out of a warm shower onto a freezing cold tile floor can feel like torture during the colder months.

That's why heated flooring is becoming a top choice for those who are constructing new bathrooms or renovating their old ones. 

If that's out of your budget, swapping out traditional, small bathroom rugs for large throw rugs is becoming increasingly popular.

It not only provides a larger barrier between you and your cold tile floors, but it also offers a sharp, chic look that is a new and refreshing trend.

heated bathroom floorslarge white and black rug in modern bathroomlarge pink fluffy throw rug in bathroomlarge and colorful bathroom rug

Lighting Fixtures

Bold, unique, and/or colorful lighting fixtures have now become a key feature in up-to-trend bathroom designs.

Especially in bathrooms with simple features or one color, a big and vibrant lighting fixture can transform an otherwise small or simple layout.

large circle crystal chandelier in bathroomchandelier lighting fixture above modern bathtubunique and bold black hanging light fixture in modern bathroom with pink tilefancy chandelier above bathtubLarge circular modern lighting fixture in bathroom

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Backlit Mirrors

To add a fun and modern pop to your bathroom interior, a backlit mirror can make a huge impact at very little cost. 

With backlit TVs becoming increasingly popular, many interior designers are applying the same feature to bathroom mirrors for a modern twist on an otherwise standard fixture.

You can apply this cool feature by purchasing a bathroom mirror with LED lights already installed, or you can purchase LED strip lights and take on a DIY project. 

backlit circle bathroom mirrorpurple backlit bathroom mirrorled backlit bathroom mirrorpink led lights bathroom

Installing a Smart Toilet

With the accessibility of toilet paper being in question right before a hurricane or snowstorm (or global pandemic), more and more consumers are installing smart toilets that feature a bidet.

Smart toilets are programmed to use the exact amount of water you need to flush which conserves the average amount of water a household uses monthly, not only saving you money but contributing to better environmental practices.

But that's not all smart toilets can do.

You can purchase smart toilets with air dryers, an automatic lid, seat warmers, foot warmers, a self-deodorizer, a nightlight, and even Bluetooth capabilities so you can listen to your favorite tunes. 

rounded smart toiletsquare smart toilet in modern bathroommodern bathroom with smart toiletsmart toilet in modern bathroom

Adding Furniture

And finally, if you've got the space, add a cozy nook to your bathroom for a place you can toss your clothes during a shower or sit while you give your kids or pup a bath.

bathroom chair for towelswicker egg chair next to bathtubadd a seat to your bathroomstools add a place to sit with minimal space

images via homedesignlover

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