Should I Get Rid of My Pool?

Should I keep my pool

Updated November 3, 2021

"Should I get rid of my pool or should I keep my pool?"

This is one of the most common questions pool owners and potential pool owners ask.

Removing a pool can have a number of positive effects when it comes time to sell your property, but the bottom line is: Sometimes a pool can increase your home's value.

Below, we'll outline the various factors of a pool that positively or negatively affect your home’s value.

With that understanding, you’ll be able to make the best decision for you and your property.

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when you should get rid of your pool

When a Pool Can Negatively Affect Your Home's Value:

If the pool...

  • Takes up more than 30% of the backyard.
  • Is more than 30 years old and in need of repair.
  • Does not have a safety fence around it.
  • Has a vinyl liner.
  • Is located where there is less than three months of warm weather.
  • Is the only one in the neighborhood.
  • Is in an area experiencing drought.

When a Pool Can Positively Affect Your Home's Value:

If the pool...

  • Is no more than 15 years old.
  • Takes up 10% or less of your backyard.
  • Is in an area where pools are common.
  • Is relatively new and has energy-efficient equipment.
  • Is located where there is more than 6 months of warm weather.
  • Is completely enclosed by a safety fence.
  • Is located on the property of a luxury home.

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When You Should Consider Removing Your Pool:

If the pool...

  • Is no longer being used.
  • Is old and in disrepair.
  • Is taking up space you'd rather use for something else.
  • Is on a property where young children live and it’s a safety risk.
  • Maintenance is becoming too costly or time-consuming.

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