Fire Damaged Barn Demolition: Costs and How It's Done

fire damaged barn with car parked inside

Updated July 11, 2023

If your barn was recently damaged or destroyed by a fire, demolition is likely the best option.

Demolishing a barn that was damaged by a fire is not only the safest option, but it's often the most affordable option as well.

In this guide, we'll discuss the average cost of tearing down a fire-damaged barn, what goes into the process, and who to hire to get it done.

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Fire-Damaged Barn Demolition Cost

The average cost to demolish a barn that was fire-damaged is $1,500-$10,000, including debris disposal. However, prices can reach as high as $25,000 in some cases.

Your exact barn demolition cost will depend on a number of factors, including how big the barn is, materials used to build it, whether or not any of the wood is salvageable, the contents inside the barn that will also need to be disposed of, where you live and the average cost of living and disposal fees, as well as who you hire.

Common factors that influence the total cost of barn demolition include:

  • Size of the barn
  • Location and accessibility of the barn
  • Materials used to build the barn
  • Whether or not the foundation needs to be removed
  • Whether or not hazardous materials, like asbestos or lead paint, are present
  • Amount of salvageable material
  • Who you hire to do the work

As we've already mentioned, getting multiple quotes from different contractors in your area is key to getting a good price and good customer service, so don't skip this step.

Not doing your due diligence when researching contractors could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Fire-Damaged Barn Demolition Process

Many demolition contractors with experience handling fire-damaged barn demolition will assist with the insurance process, but that isn't always the case.

After you've spoken with your insurance company and sorted out coverage, here's what you can expect from the demolition process...

Get a Permit

Qualified, licensed, and insured contractors will pull permits for you in most cases, but double check this with the contractors you speak to. This is a necessary step to ensure the work is done properly, safely, and up to code.

Secure and Protect Property

Ideally, no people will be around who could be harmed in the process. If there are any items in the surrounding area that can't be relocated, cover up those surfaces to prevent damaging them during the demolition process.

Turn Off Utilities

If gas or electricity runs to the barn, make sure you turn them off properly before any demolition takes place.


Mechanical demolition is the most common form of fire-damaged structure demolition—the barn is ripped down with the help of hydraulic excavators and other heavy machinery.

Debris Removal

The resulting debris is then hauled away via dumpster.

Who to Hire

Due to the relative simplicity of barn demolition and deconstruction, especially when the barn is relatively small, it's oftentimes considered a DIY project.

Barn demolition, especially when the barn is fire-damaged or structurally unsound, can be dangerous work when done haphazardly.

Because of the risks involved with handling the work yourself, we always recommend hiring a qualified professional.

Barn demolition experts can have your barn safely removed in a matter of hours in most cases, leaving you with a clean, freshly graded space.

Luckily, Hometown makes it easy to find contractors in your city or town, read verified customer reviews, and request quotes from as many contractors as you'd like.

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