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How is barn demolition done?

The two most common ways to demolish a barn include traditional, mechanical demolition that involves the use of heavy equipment, and tearing down the barn by hand (commonly referred to as deconstruction).

Mechanical demolition is the most common form of demolition—the barn is ripped down with the help of hydraulic excavators and other heavy machinery. The resulting debris is then hauled away, typically using a dumpster rental.

How much does barn demolition cost?

The average cost to tear down a barn is $1,500-$10,000, including disposal of the debris.

However, your exact barn demolition project cost may be more or less depending on a number of factors, including the size of the barn, where it’s located and how accessible it is, materials used to build the barn, whether or not the foundation needs to be removed, amount of salvageable material, who you hire, etc.

Who should I hire to handle my barn demolition?

To ensure you hire the best contractor for your barn demolition, we recommend getting three estimates whenever possible. This allows you to adequately compare experience, customer service, costs, and availability before hiring someone to assist with your barn demolition.