When Is It Time to Remove and Replace Concrete?

jackhammer breaking up concrete driveway

Updated January 23, 2023

Is your concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, or steps starting to crack or heave?

If so, you're likely wondering if you should repair the concrete or if it's time to remove and replace it.

when to remove and replace concrete infographic

It can be a little challenging to decide which approach to take when faced with cracks or other concrete problems.

Removing cracked or damaged concrete is generally your best option.

If your concrete has any of the following symptoms, it's time to replace it:

  • Wide, deep-set cracks that are uneven or settled on one side
  • Frost heave that has pushed up on the concrete and caused it to become uneven
  • The concrete is crumbling and breaking apart
  • The concrete is settled due to the sub-grade not being properly leveled prior to installation

On the other hand, there are some situations that will likely only call for a simple repair, and replacing it entirely would be an unnecessary waste of time and money.

Examples of repairable concrete issues include:

  • Small, hairline cracks that show no sign of settling
  • Concrete is sunken slightly

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