Pool Removal Cost Comparison: Partial vs. Complete

inground pool removal methods

There are a million reasons to demolish a pool, but only a couple of ways to do it right.

If you’re considering removing your inground pool, there’s more than one way to go about it.

Before taking the plunge, check out our cost comparison guide to decide which route you should take for your particular pool.

comparing inground pool removal methods

Inground Pool Removal Methods

There are two main ways that an inground pool can be removed:

1. Partial Pool Demolition

This method is commonly called a 'pool fill-in' and involves removing only the top portion of the pool by breaking it off, throwing it in the bottom of the pool, and backfilling it.

PROS: This method is the fastest and least expensive pool removal option.

CONS: There is some risk that improper drainage complications, like sinkage and swelling, can arise. You also will not be able to build a structure on top of the area.

2. Complete Pool Demolition

This method involves demolishing the pool, hauling away all the debris, and then filling and compacting the area with dirt, gravel, etc.

PROS: This is the best option for maintaining or increasing your home's property value.

CONS: This option is more expensive and takes longer than partial pool demolition.

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Cost of Inground Pool Removal

Now that you know the two types of pool demolition, let's get down to pricing.

Complete pool removal typically costs between $6,000-$15,000 for an average size pool, but these costs can reach upwards of $30,000 for complex projects.

Partial pool removal is roughly 30% less than complete pool removal, costing around $3,000-$8,000 for an average size pool, but can reach $12,000 or more. Partial removal can be significantly cheaper than complete demolition, but it's not always a viable option.

Pinching pennies in the short term might cost you more in the long term, so carefully weigh your options between a partial and complete pool removal.

Partial demolition is not legal in many places, so don't count on it being an option for you.

Even if a partial removal is legally allowed in your area, there are still some things to consider:

  • The location of the former pool is no longer considered buildable.

  • There is an increased risk of sinkage, swelling, and other drainage issues.

  • The value of your property is likely to decrease.

Don't forget: There are a number of things that will affect the cost of your pool removal, like pool size, how accessible it is, pool material, and where you live.


See what others have paid

We surveyed 52 markets to see what customers like you have paid to have their pools removed. 

Take a look, and compare to make sure you get a good deal.

Price of Partial Pool Removal

Average Cost: $4,025

StateMetro AreaCost
AlabamaCenter Point, AL$4,000
ArizonaScottsdale, AZ$3,000
ConnecticutMarlborough, CT$5,000
ConnecticutMiddletown, CT$5,000
FloridaTampa, FL$4,000
FloridaDade City, FL$4,100
FloridaSeminole, FL$4,300
FloridaWinter Haven, FL$4,400
GeorgiaDecatur, GA$1,800
GeorgiaHapeville, GA$3,000
GeorgiaTucker, GA$3,000
GeorgiaDuluth, GA$3,200
GeorgiaLilburn, GA$3,500
GeorgiaPeachtree City, GA$4,500
GeorgiaMarietta, GA$4,800
IllinoisKildeer, IL$3,400
IndianaGreenwood, IN$4,800
KansasOlathe, KS$5,000
LouisianaNew Orleans, LA$4,200
MarylandEllicott City, MD$4,200
MassachusettsCharlton, MA$4,500
MassachusettsNewton, MA$4,500
MichiganGrand Rapids, MI$4,000
MinnesotaHopkins, MN$3,500
New JerseyNorth Arlington, NJ$3,500
New JerseyHackensack, NJ$4,900
New JerseyMorganville, NJ$7,500
New YorkWest Babylon, NY$1,800
New YorkIslip Terrace, NY$4,200
New YorkSelden, NY$4,200
OhioBrunswick, OH$3,500
TexasDallas, TX$3,500


Price of Full Pool Removal

Average Cost: $9,720

StateMetro AreaCost
CaliforniaOrange County, CA$9,500
CaliforniaBurbank, CA$10,000
IllinoisOak Park, IL$8,000
MichiganFarmington, MI$8,000
MichiganLivonia, MI$8,500
MichiganSterling Heights, MI$8,800
MichiganNovi, MI$9,250
MichiganWarren, MI$10,000
MichiganBelleville, MI$10,250
MichiganNorthville, MI$10,500
MichiganBloomfield Hills, MI$11,000
New JerseyColonia, NJ$10,000
New JerseyHazlet, NJ$13,000
New MexicoAlbuquerque, NM$10,000
New YorkOrchard Park, NY$9,000
TexasCorinth, TX$9,000
VirginiaChesapeake, VA$6,100
VirginiaSpringfield, VA$8,500
WashingtonSeattle, WA$11,500
WashingtonBellevue, WA$13,500


Note: These prices do not reflect a number of factors that affect the cost of demolition. The price of your pool's demolition will depend on its size, how easy it is to access, and the contractor you choose.


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