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How is inground pool removal done?

There are two types of inground pool removal: full/total removal and partial removal/pool fill-in. Everything goes with a full inground pool removal, including any concrete, gunite, fiberglass, steel, and vinyl lining, which is broken up then removed from the pool cavity using specialized equipment. Once all debris is removed, the area is backfilled and compacted appropriately.

The partial inground pool removal process, or a pool fill-in, drilling holes in the bottom of the pool for drainage, breaking up the concrete within the pool, backfilling the area, and compacting it.

How much does inground pool removal cost?

The national average cost to remove an inground swimming pool is $5,000-$7,000, including the cost of debris disposal and grading of the site.

Your exact inground pool removal price could be more or less than this average depending on your pool’s size, location, accessibility, local permit and disposal fees, who you hire, etc.

Who should I hire to handle my inground pool removal?

To ensure you hire the best contractor, we recommend getting three estimates when possible to adequately compare experience, customer service, costs, and availability before hiring someone to assist with your inground pool removal project.