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Feeding Hills, MA
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1 Call Clean Out is the go-to choice for demolition throughout Western Massachusetts. One simple call and we can remove and dispose of nearly anything quickly, reliably, and affordably. Contact us today to learn more! more


North Star

(1) -
Gardner, MA

Boost the efficiency of home’s heating and cooling system by removing and sealing up your old, non-functioning chimney. North Star is an experienced, third-generation family owned demolition provider with decades of experience performing residential & commercial demo. For safe, accurate... more


T&M Equipment

Springfield, MA

T&M Equipment is a leader in excavation and demolition in the area. We specialize in interior excavating, underpinning and solar field site work, but also have experience with so many other services as well. We pride ourselves on... more


Deconstruction Works

(3) -
West Dummerston, VT

We specialize in house deconstruction services, including safe dismantling of chimneys of any size. Our experienced crew will safely and efficiently remove brick or stone chimneys without damaging surrounding structures. Deconstruction Works is a sustainable demo solution, as we repurpose... more


Fleury Excavation LLC

Southwick, MA

Proudly serving the Southwick, Massachusetts area, Fleury Excavation LLC provides customers with quality chimney removal services for a fair price. Our team is professional to the core and is committed to customer service and workmanship. more


Primo Contracting Solutions LLC

Bloomfield, CT

Primo Contracting Solutions LLC is the top choice for chimney removal throughout Bloomfield, CT and the surrounding communities. Our team of seasoned professionals can handle large-scale projects just as well as small-scale projects. Get in touch with us today to... more

Chimney Removal Tips for Leeds, MA

Tips for Demolishing a Chimney

What affects the cost of chimney removal?

Most chimney removals do not involve a chimney structural to the walls or roof, but it isn't rare to see chimneys in the middle of a home, stretching up from the foundation and through multiple stories. These chimneys are the most time-consuming and expensive to remove and should only be handled by professionals with experience in the work. However, a partial chimney removal would reduce the amount of time and money it takes to complete the project while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a fireplace.

Could I remove my chimney myself?

It is much safer and more efficient to hire a professional to remove your chimney. Handling chimney removal yourself is more likely to lead to structural damage to the roof/home and could lead to serious injury. 

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