Chimney Demolition in Duncombe, IA

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Peterson Construction

1929 W 2nd St, Webster City IA 50595

Peterson Construction is a third generation construction company based in Webster City, Iowa. Founded in 1957, we provide customers throughout Central Iowa with comprehensive demolition, including chimney removal, barn demolition, and more.

Chimney Removal Tips for Duncombe, IA

Tips for Chimney Removal Projects

How much does chimney removal cost? Expect to pay between $2,000-$4,000 to have your chimney removed by a professional. If the chimney is large, spans several stories, or is part of the structure or foundation), expect to pay closer to $6,000+. The cost of chimney removal includes:
  • Chimney stack removal
  • Chimney breast removal
  • Rectifying the area
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