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Finding a quality demolition contractor in Des Moines, Iowa to demolish a house, garage, or commercial building is simpler with Hometown.  We connect homeowners and business owners with pre-screened demolition companies that are licensed, insured, reliable, and affordable. Request an estimate for your project today.

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12186 Carpenter Street, Carlisle IA 50047

Hibbs Excavating & Grading Inc. has over 34 years of experience in the demolition and excavation business and can help you with all of your project needs. They're your convenient and efficient solution for all things site preparation.

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1901 Easton Blvd, Des Moines IA 50316

We are a certified crew of demolition contractors that specialize in building demolition, structural demolition, and house demolition. Iowa Demolition is covering all of your bases, day or night. Our services are extended to emergency care with 24/7 services.

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5088 East University Ave, Pleasant Hill IA 50327

Elder Corporation takes an innovative approach to efficient demolition with the latest equipment and emphasis on precision. We specialize in demolition, underground utilities, earth moving and  site work. 

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260 NE 44th Ave, Des Moines IA 50313

Family owned and operated since 1945. Our knowledge and experience in the industry is unsurpassed. We follow promise with performance. We provide high quality work, attention to compliance, and open communication every step of the way. We offer selective and complete demolition including building implosion.

Demolition Tips for Des Moines, Iowa

What is the typical process to demolish building?

  1. Request an estimate or estimates from reputable demolition contractors
  2. Apply for demolition permits and approval from local government authorities
  3. Utilities need to be properly disconnected
  4. Older homes or buildings need to be inspected for hazardous materials like asbestos
  5. Safely tear down the building
  6. Removal and disposal of demolition debris

Why use Hometown?

  • Contractor services & credentials verified
  • Real reviews from verified customers
  • Estimate requests instantly delivered to contractors you choose
  • Contractors follow up with you directly

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Des Moines, IA 
50317, 50315, 50322, 50310, 50311, 50313, 50316, 50312, 50320, 50325, 50314, 50321, 50309, 50323, 50301, 50302, 50303, 50304, 50305, 50306, 50307, 50308, 50318, 50319, 50324, 50327, 50333, 50340, 50393, 50394, 50395, 50982, 50983

Useful Demolition Tips for the State of Iowa

Follow asbestos requirements before demolition begins.

If you’re demolishing a home or structure in Iowa that may contain hazardous materials, an asbestos inspection is required. The inspection can’t be done by just anyone either—it must be conducted by a State of Iowa licensed asbestos building inspector in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

Any asbestos-containing materials must be identified, classified, and quantified prior to demolition.

Learn more about National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants regulations

Find the right contractor—one who’s licensed in the State of Iowa.

In order to be able to perform demolition, a contractor should maintain the proper licensing.

When looking for the right contractor, double check that they have the proper up-to-date licensing for the state of Iowa. Another great way to cover your bases is by visiting Hometown Demolition Contractors. There, you can read company profiles, customer reviews, and request quotes directly—all from one place.

Don’t forget the dust and debris.

It’s easy for customers to forget about what happens after the demolition is all said and done. But once the structure’s fallen, there will be quite a bit of mess left over. In some cases, your contractor will include the price of hauling and disposal in the quote. However, if they don’t handle the disposal process for you, a great way to maintain the mess is with the help of a dumpster.

Dumpsters are a convenient way to have large amounts of debris hauled off in one fell swoop and is much easier than making multiple trips to haul the debris yourself.

Hometown can help you find a local dumpster rental provider near you, and we make it super easy to find the right one for the job. At, you can read company profiles, customer reviews, and request a quote.


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