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Best Demolition Companies in Oklahoma City, OK

Arbor Transport & Construction‎ - demolition contractor logo

Arbor Transport & Construction

19 verified reviews
Serving Oklahoma City, OK

Since 2008, Arbor Transport & Construction has been providing affordable residential and commercial demolition services. Trust us with your demolition project of any size - from small houses and garages to larger commercial buildings. Call Arbor today for a free demolition estimate.

Midwest Wrecking Co. of Oklahoma City, OK

Midwest Wrecking Co.

1 verified review
Serving Oklahoma City, OK

Midwest Wrecking Co. is located in Oklahoma City and takes pride in providing customers across the country with the best services. They specialize in all types of demolition services, including structural and selective. They also offer excavation services, and much more.

4001 Southwest 27th Street, Oklahoma City OK 73108

Kendall’s Concrete-Demolition has been serving residential and commercial customers throughout Oklahoma City, OK since 2010. They offer extensive demolition and concrete services, including cutting, sawing, breaking, and removal.

2009 Tracys Ter, Edmond OK 73013

Established in 1994, Mike’s Bobcat Service is Edmond, OK and the greater Oklahoma City area’s go-to source for all things site preparation. They specialize in demolition and land clearing services, but they also perform land leveling, snow removal, grading, and more.

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What to Know About Oklahoma City, OK Demolition

You need a building permit for demolition in Oklahoma City.

A building permit is needed for the demolition or construction of any building or structure within city limits. However, the permit requirements for residential and commercial demolition are slightly different.

As of 2018, the general fees associated with a building permit in Oklahoma City are as follows:

  • Building plan review (with no permit being issued): $76.00
  • Review of plans (submitted with a building permit application): 50% of the total permit fee (minimum of $27.50, maximum of $2,750; this fee is non-refundable)
  • Permits for property and structure demolition, alteration, or repair: $55 minimum, per every $1,000 of the project cost
  • First-story demolition fee: $38.00, $12.00 for each additional story

Any demolition or construction project that requires a building permit will also require mandatory inspections during and after the demolition has taken place.

Get multiple opinions to get the best demolition price.

The best thing you can do to make sure you get the fairest price is: Get multiple quotes for the job. We recommend talking to a minimum of three different contractors in your area.

Don’t just compare the bottom line cost though. You also want to look into:

  • what each cost includes (permits, debris removal, etc.)
  • each contractor’s experience doing that specific work
  • what other customers have to say about them
  • how long it will take them to complete the project
  • payment schedule expectations

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Recently Requested Projects

Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73117
Need my house demolished
Project: Deck Removal
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73150
It's a large,wooden play set type of thing. It was left by the previous owners. All screws, wooden plank construction. Small, shingled roof on one part.
Project: Remove an Above Ground Pool or Hot Tub
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73159
The pool collapsed after the huge storms we had needs to be removed do to my parents being of old age
Project: Inground Pool Removal
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73106
Remove the pool and fill it in so we can have a backyard.
Project: Demolish a Kitchen, Bath, or Basement
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73111
I need to clear some space for a remodel.
Project: Mobile Home Demolition
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73128
14x70 mobil home
Project: Inground Pool Removal
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73170
It’s an above group dough boy pool set in ground. With concrete surrounding it. We went it removed along with half the concrete.
Project: Demolish a Manufactured or Modular Home
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73129
Mobile home in MH park. Need removed. Deadline approaching. Tongue here but needs welded back on. small room add on needs to go too.
Project: Remove a Concrete, Vinyl, or Gunite Pool
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73162
In ground vinyl lined pool , demolish and fill, approximately 260 sq yd dirt needed
Project: Remove Inside Walls, Fixtures, and Appliances
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73162
I need to remove a section of my homes floor to install electrical underfloor outlets. Approximately 18’ of channeling is required followed by repair after electrical installation.
Project: Remove Commercial Walls, Flooring, or Fixtures
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73108
Remove 112' X 32' Foot Wall non load bearing. Steel Studs 5/8" drywall. Electric and data will already be moved.
Project: Demolish a Kitchen, Bath, or Basement
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Remove wall between kitchen and living space. Unknown if wall is load bearing
Project: Above Ground Pool Removal
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73159
Collapsed due to storms. Elderly parents unable to maintain it anymore
Project: Remove an Above Ground Pool or Hot Tub
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73165
Take down pool and dispose of it
Project: Remove a Shed, Gazebo, or Carport
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73107
I have a small shed in my back yard that is falling apart and I would like it removed.

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