Barn Dismantling and Demolition in Taylor Landing, TX

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Darr Contractors

Mont Belvieu, Mont Belvieu TX 77580

Darr Contractors is a family-owned business specializing in total structural demolition for both residential and commercial buildings. Our experienced and dynamic team has accomplished many structural demolition projects, including barn demolition. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable demolition ...

Since 1990, Ceaser Landscaping & Construction, LLC has been serving the community. Specializing in excavation and demolition, we can tear down barns, interiors, sheds, decks, and so much more.


Coastal Demolition Inc

3190 Hollywood St, Beaumont TX 77701

Coastal Demolition has built a reputation for providing quality services in the residential, commercial, and industrial fields of demolition, including barn demolition. In order to maintain this reputation, we continually monitor the quality of our products and services.


Manshack & Sons Inc

10404 Highway 87 N Suite 101, Orange TX 77632

Manshack and Sons provides unmatched barn demolition services. We enjoy a great reputation among customers and can demolish barns of all sizes and styles, regardless of the barn's location.


Lombardo's Bonded Tree Service

2924 Concord Rd, Beaumont TX 77703

Since 1963, Lombardo’s Tree Service has been serving Southeast Texas with all their excavation, demolition, and tree service needs. They specialize in a wide range of services, including demolition, tree removal, and land clearing.

Barn Demolition Tips for Taylor Landing, TX

Barn Removal Tips

Should I demolish my old barn?

Old barn wood is highly desirable in the furniture-making, construction, and flooring industries. So, if you have an old barn on your property, you may be sitting on a decent chunk of change. If you're considering demolishing your barn, first consider whether or not the barn is of any value. Because if it is, you should consider deconstruction as an option, because your barn wood could be worth money.

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