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Tips for Tackling Demolition in Denton, TX

Will I need a permit for a demolition job taking place in Denton?

Yes. In Denton County, you must file an application for a residential or commercial demolition permit, depending on your job.

Approval must be made prior to the demolition work being completed.

You must also remember to have two copies of your site plans on hand at the time you apply.

How do I get started with my demolition project?

The first step toward getting your demolition project started is figuring out what you want done, then you'll need to start looking for the right person for the job.

Your demolition contractor can help you make a number of important decisions about your project, especially if there’s something you aren’t sure about.

Your contractor can help you acquire permits, schedule inspections, tear down or remove what you need, and haul it away. However, not all contractors handle the entire process for you, so make sure you clarify this with each contractor you speak with. One company’s price may include more than the next.

How much does demolition cost?

Demolition costs vary a great deal from one type of project to the next and also from one contractor to the next.

Real-Life Demolition Project Cost
Concrete Removal (1,400 sq ft concrete patio removal) $1,500
House Demolition (2-story house with detached garage) $8,500
Pool Removal (640 sq ft concrete & plastic inground pool) $6,600
Mobile Home Demolition (720 sq ft mobile home & shed demolition) $4,800

These are just some examples of what people have paid for these demolition projects. Your exact cost may vary depending on a number of factors.

For example, the average cost to demolish a house is between $4,000 and $14,000 and varies significantly depending on the size of the house, its location and accessibility, whether or not hazardous materials are present, and more.