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Barry's Excavating

7021 County Road 19 S, Minot ND 58701

Our 20 years of experience have prepared our crew at Barry's Excavating for projects of all shapes, sizes, and complexities, including commercial demolition, chimney removal, garage demolition, deck removal, and more. 

For more than 41 years, Mock Excavating & Concrete has been serving Minot, ND. Educated in all things excavating and concrete work, we’re able to offer dynamic, practical, and five-star quality services, including chimney removals. Focused on our customers’ needs and ...


4K Excavating

130 Central Avenue West, Sawyer ND 58781

4K Excavating offers a wide range of services, ranging from excavating and land clearing to demolition and site prep. Our team of professionals is highly accurate, completing all that we do precisely and safely. Contact us for your free quote ...

Chimney Removal Tips for Velva, ND

Tips for Demolishing Chimneys

What are the different ways to remove a chimney?

The most important thing to determine when it comes to chimney removal is whether you want a full chimney removal or a partial chimney removal.

A full chimney removal involves removing the entire chimney, including the chimney stack (the part of the chimney seen from outside the home) and the chimney breast (the part of the chimney visible from within the home).

partial chimney removal involves removing just the chimney stack, not the chimney breast, and closing up the chimney opening.

If you appreciate the decorative aspect of your fireplace but don't ever use it, then a partial chimney removal is perfect for you. However, a full chimney removal is usually the most desirable option because it creates additional space in your home.

How much does chimney removal cost on average?

On average, it costs roughly $2,000-$4,000 to completely remove a chimney.

However, chimney removal cost depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Type of chimney removal method you choose—full or partial
  • Size of the chimney
  • Materials used to build the chimney
  • Amount of debris
  • Whether or not the chimney is part of the structure
  • Contractor you hire

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