Chimney Demolition in Willow Springs, MO

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Pridemore Excavating

9645 Gumbo Rd, Mountain Grove MO 65711

Serving the greater Mountain Grove, Missouri area, Pridemore Excavating specializes in providing comprehensive demolition and excavating services. Our team is qualified to deal with the biggest and smallest demo projects, including chimney removal.

Johnson Bulldozing

4580 County Road 2980, Willow Springs MO 65793

Johnson Bulldozing offers superior demolition services to West Plains, Missouri and surrounding areas, including chimney removal. Our experience and equipment allow us to tear down residential and commercial structures with ease, accuracy, and efficiency.

Chimney Removal Tips for Willow Springs, MO

Tips for Removing a Chimney

Complete chimney removals cost between $2,000-$4,000 on average. If the chimney is relatively big or is incorporated into the home's structure, the cost could reach $6,000 or more. The cost of a complete chimney removal includes:
  • Chimney stack removal
  • Chimney breast removal
  • Rectifying the resulting space
Chimney removal costs can vary quite a bit depending on the removal method (partial or complete), the size of the chimney, and the materials and installation methods used to build the chimney. For example, if your chimney is bolted onto the outside of the home, it will be easier to remove than a chimney that's centrally located in the home. Find out more: