Chimney Demolition in Martin County, MN

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Chimney Removal Tips for Martin County, MN

Chimney Removal Tips

There are two main parts of the chimney that you need to be aware of when it comes to chimney removal:

  • Chimney stack: the portion of the chimney that is visible from the exterior of the home
  • Chimney breast: the portion of the chimney that is within the home, below the roof

All chimney removal projects involve the removal of the chimney stack, but removal does not automatically involve the removal of the chimney breast.

Whether or not the chimney breast is removed depends on the manner in which your chimney is installed, as well as your budget for the project.

Partial Chimney Removal

This is the most simple chimney removal method. It involves removing the chimney stack until it is flush with the roof and then patching up the hole.

Complete Chimney Removal

This chimney removal method involves removing the entire chimney—the stack and the breast. The holes left in the roof, wall, and potentially the floor are then patched.