Barn Dismantling and Demolition in Parsonsburg, MD

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Home Team Contracting

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Home Team Contracting maintains the highest levels of professionalism and courtesy during every project we take on. We put customer satisfaction at the forefront of all we do, paying close attention to detail. Our services include barn demolition, house demolition, and more.

AIM Environmental Services Inc

2314 Allen Dr, Salisbury MD 21801

AIM Environmental Services, Inc. is a demolition, abatement, and remediation contractor founded in 2003. As a certified small business, our team of experts provides quality barn demolition, concrete removal, and more.

Clark Disposal Bishopville

12005 Turtle Mill Rd, Bishopville MD 21813

Specializing in light demolition and disposal services, Clark Disposal approaches each and every project in the same systematic manner, emphasizing responsive client communication, accurate project planning, and successful project completion.

Disney Landscaping & Contractors

840 W Isabella St, Salisbury MD 21801

Disney Landscaping & Contractors provide a wide range of services, from demolition to excavation to lot clearing. Based out of Salisbury, Maryland, they serve surrounding areas in all their grading, landscaping, and building needs.

Absolute Demolition

1545 Teal Dr, Ocean City MD 21842

Located in Ocean City, Maryland, Absolute Demolition specializes in demolition services. Their comprehensive services also include excavating, grading, building, general contract work, and much more. They serve residential and commercial customers.

Ktbs Trucking & Excavation

414 Saint Lukes Rd, Fruitland MD 21826

KTBS Trucking & Excavation is your trusted source for demolition, removal, excavation, and trucking services in the greater Fruitland, MD area. We work hard to exceed customer expectations while delivering affordable results.

Barn Demolition Tips for Parsonsburg, MD

Tips for Barn Demolition

There are multiple options when it comes to having a barn removed...

Barn Demolition

Barn demolition is simple and straightforward. With the assistance of heavy equipment, like an excavator, the barn is torn to the ground, the debris is loaded into a dumpster or trailer, and it’s hauled away to the nearest landfill or recycling facility.

Barn Deconstruction

Barn deconstruction is like reverse construction and is done by hand. Instead of tearing down the entire barn with equipment, the barn is carefully dismantled piece by piece so that as much wood as possible can be salvaged. It is a labor-intensive process and takes more time that barn demolition, so it typically costs more as well. Find out more: Don't Hire Just Anyone to Demo Your Barn