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10 Walton Ave, Brooklyn Park MD 21225

RCA Demolition & Hauling is proud to serve the Greater Baltimore, Maryland area. We offer a wide range of dynamic, efficient, and professional site preparation services, ranging from barn demolition to chimney removal, and more.

Sanford and Son Hauling and Demolition of Severna Park, MD

Sanford and Son Hauling and Demolition

8 verified reviews
Serving Baltimore, MD

Sanford and Son Demolition is the one to call when you need your chimney removed. With 20 years of experience, our team will safely remove your chimney, stack, or fireplace. We dismantle with care, as to not disrupt surrounding structures and landscaping. Fully licensed and insured. Call 7 days a week 7am-7pm.

A2Z Environmental Group, LLC of Baltimore, MD

A2Z Environmental Group, Llc.

1 verified review
250 S Kresson Street, Baltimore MD 21224

A2Z Environmental Group is a women-owned business serving Baltimore and the Mid-Atlantic region. They offer demolition and excavation services, but they also offer asbestos abatement services, and more.

Chesapeake Recycling and Disposal - demolition contractor logo

Chesapeake Recycling and Disposal

7 verified reviews
7903 Shore Rd., Sparrows Point MD 21219

We are your local source for quality demolition services at competitive rates. Chesapeake Recycling and Disposal is your complete solution – demolition, debris cleanup, construction and roofing. Our friendly, professional team remains at your side from start to finish. Contact us today for a free chimney removal estimate.

Baby Sister Enterprises LLC of Bowie, MD

Baby Sister Enterprises LLC

1 verified review
Serving Baltimore, MD

For quality service with integrity, Baby Sister Enterprise is your local demolition solution. We perform a wide range of demolition, including structural, partial and interior demo. With chimney demo, it takes a level of precision to ensure adjacent structures, including the home or building, isn’t damaged. We got you covered!

Serving Baltimore, MD

In Edgewood, MD and nearby communities, North East Demolition is customers' go-to source for demolition, pool removal, and debris removal services. We offer expertise in partial demolition projects, including chimney removal jobs. Call today for details and a free chimney demo estimate.

Serving Baltimore, MD

LTQ Solutions LLC has more than 50 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on excellence and being transparent. Our demolition and deconstruction services are comprehensive, including commercial demolition, chimney removal, and more.

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Chimney Removal Tips

There are two main parts of the chimney that you need to be aware of when it comes to chimney removal:

  • Chimney stack — the portion of the chimney that is visible from the exterior of the home
  • Chimney breast — the portion of the chimney that is within the home, below the roof

All chimney removal projects involve the removal of the chimney stack, but removal does not automatically involve the removal of the chimney breast. Whether or not the chimney breast is removed depends on the manner in which your chimney is installed, as well as your budget for the project.

Partial Chimney Removal

This is the most simple chimney removal method. It involves removing the chimney stack until it is flush with the roof and then patching up the hole.

Complete Chimney Removal

This chimney removal method involves removing the entire chimney—the stack and the breast. The holes left in the roof, wall, and potentially the floor are then patched.

Recently Requested Projects

Project: Brick Chimney Removal
Location: Baltimore, MD 21211
We have a chimney that goes two stories and floats in front of our wall and we would like it removed
Project: Demolish and Remove a Chimney
Location: Baltimore, MD 21221
I'd like to have my chimney removed before I replace the siding and do other things around the house.
Project: Remove a Brick Fireplace
Location: Baltimore, MD 21204
We have a 86 built home with a basement fireplace that goes through the main floor that we are looking for quotes for removal.
Project: Brick Chimney Removal
Location: Baltimore, MD 21201
Hi! I'm looking to buy a house, and am wondering about the potential for removing the fireplace and chimney. It is a three story house, and the chimney starts in the basement, going through three levels and through the roof. We are looking to just have the chimney removed and the roof patched. It is not a huge problem if the brick wall doesn't look great at then end. There is a vent pipe from the heater in the chimney, which could be removed and reinstalled later. We do not own the house yet, so we don't have access to show the project. I am just looking for a rough idea of the cost.
Project: Demolish and Remove a Chimney
Location: Baltimore, MD 21221
Pricing removal of chimney and possibly entire room addition
Project: Remove a Brick Fireplace
Location: Baltimore, MD 21215
Remove chimney and repair hole
Project: Remove a Brick Fireplace
Location: Baltimore, MD 21230
I would like to remove a portion of the chimney from the living room.

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