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Arlington, VA Demolition Permit Info

Will I need a permit to demolish a structure in Virginia?

Yes. A building permit is required in the city of Arlington for all demolition and construction projects. Depending on your project, there are a few different kinds of permits available.

  • Residential Building Permit - covers the work done on all residential structures and buildings, excluding construction of a small storage shed, tents less than 900 ft, backyard play equipment installation, and gutter work
  • Electrical Permit - covers all electrical work done on any property, either residential or commercial, excluding minor repairs
  • Plumbing and Gas Permit - covers all new plumbing and gas work, excluding minor repairs such as blockage clearing, and leak maintenance
  • Mechanical Permit - covers the installation and repair of boilers, air conditioning exhaust, and refrigeration systems

For more in-depth details on the type of permits available to you, visit the city of Arlington's Building Division.

How much will a permit cost?

The cost associated with obtaining a permit depends on the department the permit is coming from and the type of job you are looking to have done. For further details, the city of Arlington has a fee schedule available.

Will I need to get a permit or will my contractor get it for me?

It depends on the contractor. Oftentimes, your contractor will handle the permitting process for you, but this isn’t always the case. Always discuss with each contractor you speak to whether or not you will need to get the permit(s) yourself. For many people, hiring a contractor who handles the permitting process is preferred to being responsible for getting the permit yourself as it can be a complicated process at times.

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