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House and Garage Demolition Tips for Virginia Beach, VA

Project Tips for House & Garage Demolition

What steps should I take before demolishing my house?

If you're starting to think about demolishing your house, a crucial step in the process is disconnecting existing utility services. There are a variety of utilities and services that must be disconnected before demolition:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Sewage
  • Gas

BEWARE: Electricity and gas pose a particularly dangerous health risk if still active when demolition takes place. 

Surrounding supply sources can also be damaged if services have not been properly terminated. Neighboring homes can be at risk of losing services, and local power, gas, water, or drainage infrastructure can be affected, too.

Note: Most service termination requests need to be made in writing to the supply company two or more weeks prior to demolition. This will help ensure the company has enough time to terminate the service before demolition begins.