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G. L. Pruett, Inc.

9447 Sliding Hill Rd, Ashland VA 23005

G.L. Pruett's demolition contractors are industry experts in excavation and demolition services. You can trust our team to provide affordable, effective results for a wide variety of residential projects, including house demolition.

Hindman Enterprises LLC

PO. Box 51, Ashland VA 23005

With more than 10 years in the business, Hindman Enterprises LLC specializes in demolition, landscaping, excavating, and more. We are experts in demolition, including barn demolition, house demolition, concrete removal, and more.

Any Services LLC

Serving Richmond, VA

Any Services LLC is a professional junk removal company specializing in demolition and junk removal services, including garage and house demolition. Our crew delivers optimum performance and customer satisfaction on every job and most importantly, we love what we do!

S.B. Cox

901 Potomac St, Richmond VA 23231

S.B. Cox has remained a leader in the industry for more than 50 years and is one of the largest demolition contractors in the southeast. We offer a laundry list of services, like garage demolition, house demolition, and more. 

Baker Enterprise Inc

11112 Beaver Bridge Road, Chesterfield VA 23838

Established in 1985, Baker Enterprises serves Chesterfield, VA and surrounding areas in a number of ways. They aim to provide technically superior services at a reasonable price. They specialize in demolition but also perform asphalt services, hydroseeding, and more.

LTQ Solutions LLC

10461 Westridge Drive, Bowie MD 20721

LTQ Solutions LLC has more than 50 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on excellence and being transparent. Our demolition and deconstruction services are comprehensive, including house demolition, pool removal, and more.

Blasting Service

2379 Lanier Rd, Rockville VA 23146

Located in Rockville, VA, and sering surrounding areas, Blasting Service are experts at offering rock blasting, sand blasting, and other blasting services. They also specialize in a wide variety of specialty demolition services, including the use of explosives.

Basinger Brothers Backhoe Service

1720 Douthit Court, Powhatan VA 23139

In Powhatan, Virginia, Basinger Brothers Backhoe Service specializes in a wide range of excavating and demolition services, including house demolition. Nobody knows residential demolition like we do. We communicate closely with customers from the beginning of a project to the end.

D&G Multi Services

PO Box 11256, Richmond VA 23230

D&G Multi Services does it all, allowing us to transform your property in minimal time efficiently and for a fair price. Our team is reliable, prompt, and professional. We are experienced in all that we do, so you can trust that your house demolition project will be done right.

Godsey & Sons

2461 Charles City Rd, Henrico VA 23231

Established in Henrico, VA and serving surrounding areas, Godsey & Son Inc. has been offering residential and commercial customers the best since they began. Their specialties are excavating and grading, but they’re just as good at demolition.

E. J. Wade Construction, LLC

P.O. Box 638, Mechanicsville VA 23111

E. J. Wade Construction was established in 1991, and they serve Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Maryland. They perform utility work, right-of-way maintenance and clearing, construction, and demolition.

Snead & Son Trucking LLC

9307 Gildenfield Ct, Richmond VA 23294

Sneak & Son Trucking LLC provides the greater Richmond, VA community unmatched demolition, removal, and hauling services. We have the manpower and industry knowledge to competently complete commercial and residential projects.

Duke Excavating Service

1352 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen VA 23060

Since 1966, Duke Excavating Services, Inc. has served the greater Richmond area out of Glen Allen, VA. Their specialties include excavating, demolition, land clearing, grading, and site development.

Drake Brothers Excavating

8122 Varina Rd, Henrico VA 23231

At Drake Brothers Excavating, we offer reliable demolition and excavating services to residential and commercial customers throughout Richmond and surrounding areas. We are experienced in all that we do, including house demolition.

Stanley Construction Company, Incorporated

601 N Washington Hwy, Ashland VA 23005

Stanley Construction Company has been offering their demolition and excavation services since 1956. They specialize in home demolition, road work, surface/strip mining, and utilities.

S B Cox, Inc.

901 Potomac St, Henrico VA 23231

Since 1963, S B Cox, Inc. has been serving Richmond, VA and surrounding areas in their entire demolition contractor and construction service needs. No matter the size of your project, they have dozens of roll-off trucks, portable toilet trucks, cranes, and more.

Whaley Excavating, Inc.

2410 Rockville Rd, Rockville VA 23146

Serving the Richmond area since 2000, Whaley Excavating Inc. is the go-to source for comprehensive demolition and excavating services for homeowners, contractors, businesses, and the public sector.

We provide a variety of professional services including demolition of houses and buildings, excavation and clearing of land, pipe work, and more. The goal at Kondakor is to provide the best and most affordable solutions.

House and Garage Demolition Tips for Richmond, VA

Tips for House & Garage Demolition Projects

Demolition is a big job, and starting a demo project before you have a clear strategy in mind can lead to significant time and financial strains down the road. If you're interested in saving some money on your house demolition project, there are a number of options to get you moving in that direction. A few include:

1. Deconstruct as much as possible.

2. Invite others to help themselves (and you).

3. Donate your house to the fire department. 

The basic process of deconstructing a home isn't complicated, and you can salvage as much or as little as you want. But remember: Before you start ripping things out of the wall, shut off all utilities!