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Manchester, NH Demolition Questions and Answers

When do I need a demolition permit?

A demolition or building permit is required for anyone who would like to demolish, alter, construct, or convert a property or structure.

Permits are also required for all mechanical, electric, and plumbing related work.

How much does a demolition permit cost?

In the city of Manchester, all permit applications must be accompanied by a $25.00 processing fee.

The cost of your actual permit will vary depending on your job. However, all permits have a minimum fee of $35.00.

For more information on permit fees, please reference Section 108.8 of the Manchester Building Code.

Can I apply for a demolition permit online?

At this time, demolition permit applications are not available online.

For further information on how you can mail in your application, please contact the Manchester Planning and Community Development Department at (603) 624-6450 or by email at

You can also apply for a demolition permit in person at:

One City Hall Plaza, West Wing
Manchester, NH 03101

Am I responsible for getting the permit or can the contractor I hire do it for me?

In Manchester, it is the responsibility of the property owner to obtain all of the necessary permits prior to any work being done.

Who should I hire for my demolition project?

Generally speaking, the contractor you hire should be experienced in the work and licensed and insured to handle the job.

In some states, you only need a license if the total project cost is greater than a certain dollar amount, and some states simply require contractors to be registered.

If your state requires a license, always make sure the contractor you hire has the proper licensing.

Our state-by-state contractor license guide is an excellent tool. You can learn your state’s licensing laws and make sure a specific contractor's license is up-to-date.

If a contractor's license number is not listed on their website or social media, quote sheets or contracts should show the contractor’s license number on the first page. If you don’t see it, this is a red flag. (Find out the other red flags!)

Never be afraid to ask a contractor for their license number, and make sure you understand the importance of having a bonded and insured contractor, too.