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Pitzka Wrecking is the preferred building demolition contractor in Milwaukee and surrounding cities. They have become the contractor of choice for residential and commercial demolition, concrete removal, and swimming pool demo.

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JW Erickson Company, Inc. has a fantastic, highly trained, and motivated staff ready and willing to complete a number of projects. They specialize in demolition, excavating, mulch, decorative stone, common sand and gravel, equipment rental, and more.

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Tips for Chimney Removal

Chimney removal isn't always complicated, but that doesn't mean you should attempt to remove the chimney yourself. Attempting a DIY chimney removal could lead to structural damage to your home or serious injury to you.

However, if you're committed to handling your chimney removal yourself, at the very least be sure to do your research and follow all the necessary safety precautions. For example, use safety equipment, like gloves, eye protection, dust mask, good work boots, and a safety harness to prevent you from slipping off the roof. Also, minimize dust and debris from getting into the house by hanging plastic sheeting around your work area.


Just like with any demolition, you'll likely need to get a permit before having your chimney removed. Generally speaking, the contractor handling the removal will take care of this. But if you're removing the chimney yourself, be sure to confirm with your local zoning laws whether or not you need a permit to do the work.

Recently Requested Projects

Project: Demolish and Remove a Chimney
Location: Brookfield, WI 53005
Chimney removal from unused basement oil furnace. Single story house with chimney exiting roof. Roughly 15” by 18”. Accessible in basement and attic Appreciate quotes. I believe an inquiry was sent but perhaps did not. Will gladly show thto be done. House built 1954. Ranch style.
Project: Brick Chimney Removal
Location: Brookfield, WI 53005
Removal of brick 15” by 18” unused chimney from oil furnace long converted to natural gas. Home is single story ranch. Chimney extends from basement exiting roof. Chimney accessible in basement and attic. Quotes request.
Project: Demolish and Remove a Chimney
Location: Brookfield, WI 53005
Chimney Removal service. Unused 18" x 18" chimney disconnected from oil furnace years ago. Looking for complete removal from basement to outside the roof that chimney extends from. Chimney bricksa are accesible from basement and the attic. Also will be accesible from a room of the single strory rance built in 1954. Spring job weather permitting. Need to repatch the roof and reshingle that I may coordinate with another contractor or through you is best.

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