Barn Dismantling and Demolition in Daniel, UT

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All Day Service Solutions is a family-owned, custom contracting company that offers a variety of different demolition services, including barn demo. We promise to never cut corners and provide the best customer service possible, regardless of the project size.

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Barn Demolition Tips for Daniel, UT

Tips for Removing a Barn

When it comes to getting rid of an unwanted barn, demolition is the most popular option but not the only one.

Barn deconstruction is another popular choice, too.

Option 1: Barn Demolition

Barn demolition is about as straightforward as it comes.

With the help of heavy equipment, like a bulldozer or excavator, the barn is torn down, the debris is loaded into a dumpster, and it’s hauled away.

Option 2: Barn Deconstruction

Unlike barn demolition, barn deconstruction is performed by hand.

Instead of bulldozing the entire barn, it is carefully dismantled piece by piece in order to salvage as much wood as possible.

The deconstruction process is more labor-intensive than demolition. In other words, barn deconstruction takes more time and costs more money than barn demolition.

Keep in mind though that the extra time and money it takes to deconstruct a barn can pay off in the end. If you plan on selling the salvaged barn wood, the money recouped could offset the cost of barn deconstruction.

In the right cases, you could basically have your barn removed for little to no cost, while keeping material out of our landfills and our environment clean.