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Wichita Falls Demolition Services

712 8th St 2nd floor, Wichita Falls TX 76301

Contractors, Developers, and Homeowners choose Wichita Falls Demolition for their demolition needs because we are experienced, efficient, affordable and safe. Reach out to us today to get a free residential demolition estimate or to learn more about our services!


Red River Waste Management

1505 P B Ln Ste B, Wichita Falls TX 76302

Red River Waste Management offers extensive waste management solutions, including junk removal, dumpster rental, and trash containers for residential and commercial use. We also demolish sheds, decks, concrete, and fences.


Mote Inc

100 Virginia Ave, Wichita Falls TX 76301

Mote Inc. provides exceptional residential demolition and excavation services to the greater Wichita Falls community. Our team of trained contractors can remove barns, pools, concrete, and many other residential structures. 


Fortin Demolition & Dirt Works

604 S Oklahoma Cutoff, Burkburnett TX 76354

Fortin Demolition & Dirt Works approaches projects with care and respect for you and your property. We can tear down structures of all shapes and sizes, including sheds, houses, commercial structures, decks, mobile homes, and more.

Deck and Fence Removal Tips for Burkburnett, TX

Deck & Fence Removal Tips

Can I reuse the wood from my deck or fence removal?

Removing your deck or fence doesn't have to involve destroying it in the process. The lumber used in decks and fences is quite valuable—weathered wood is ideal for a variety of DIY projects and can be reused for countless purposes. You can completely transform your old fence or deck into landscaping trim, a table, bench, headboard, picture frame, or nearly anything else you can think of (or you could simply sell the wood to someone else).

The deck removal process involves:

  • Removing all railings and stairs
  • Removing the deck boards
  • Removing the deck's legs
  • Removing the concrete feet from the ground

The fence removal process involves:

  • Removing the fence gates
  • Removing the fence pickets
  • Removing the fence posts
  • Removing the fence post footings (optional, but recommended)

A professional could remove the average deck or fence in 4 hours or less, but if you attempt to do it yourself, expect it to take close to a full day (or more).