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In 1986, Kershaw Builders Inc. began as a residential construction company. We proudly serve general contractors throughout Columbia, South Carolina and surrounding communities, providing reliable concrete removal services.

Concrete Removal Tips for Cherryvale, SC

Concrete Removal Tips

When to Remove Concrete vs When to Repair Concrete You should consider replacing your concrete if it has any of the following:
  • Several cracks - deep, wide cracks that are uneven or settled on one side
  • Frost heave - sections of the concrete are pushed up due to frost that occurs in colder climates
  • Settled concrete - caused by the sub-grade's improper preparation
You may be able to get away with simply replacing the concrete if it only has:
  • Hairline cracks - small, thin cracks with no evidence of settling
  • Sunken concrete - caused by heavy equipment or load (e.g., a heavy dumpster) that was placed on the concrete
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