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Redoak Excavation

Ripley, OH
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When you need safe, reliable house and garage demolition services that you can trust, call Redoak Excavation. Our family-owned and operated company has been in the industry for over 20 years and we know what it takes to remove old structures... more


H & S Excavating

Manchester, OH

H&S Excavating is the premier excavation and concrete specialist in the great Manchester, Ohio area. We provide free estimates on all our projects and keep open lines of communications throughout the process. We perform house demolition and much more. more


C & C Construction

Beaver, OH

C&C Construction is Beaver, Ohio’s premier excavation and demolition contractor. We have the right equipment and technology to complement our superior skill set. We can remove pools and damaged concrete, tear down barns, and demolish homes of... more


Kuhn's Construction Co

Portsmouth, OH

Kuhn's Construction Co works tirelessly to ensure that each of our customers gets the services they need at a price that is fair. We approach house demolition projects with care and respect for you and your neighbors' property. more

House and Garage Demolition Tips for Mc Dermott, OH

Tips for House & Garage Removal

Should I deconstruct or demolish my home/garage?

Many people are unaware of the ability to deconstruct a home or garage. Commonly referred to as "green demolition" or "demolition by hand," deconstruction is a demolition method in which all salvageable building materials and pieces of the home are recovered and reused or sold to others for reuse. Even more, people don't realize how affordable deconstruction can be in the long run. The upfront cost may be more expensive considering its laborious, time-consuming nature, but the amount recouped from the salvaged materials can offset much (if not all) of the costs in some cases.

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