Barn Dismantling and Demolition in Streeter, ND

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Guthmillers Earthmoving Inc knows what it takes to complete barn demolition and earthmoving projects the right way the first time. Our team is comprised of highly trained and experienced individuals committed to completing projects safely and efficiently.

Barn Demolition Tips for Streeter, ND

Tips for Barn Demolition Projects

How much does barn demolition cost? The cost of barn demolition depends on the type of demolition. A total demolition using heavy machinery is quick and relatively inexpensive, costing $8,000 or less on average. On the contrary, manually deconstructing the barn to salvage old barn wood costs $10,000 or more on average due to the increased labor and man hours required. However, selling the salvaged barn wood can recoup much of these costs. Your barn removal cost will vary depending on:
  • Barn location
  • Size of the barn
  • Removal method - deconstruction or demolition
  • Barn's accessibility
  • Who you hire to remove the barn